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I actually giggled a little reading this post. Growing in a VERY small town in Georgia (Less than 5,000 people) was a nightmare as a kid. I didn't have barely any creative pursuits worth going for without being called some liberal hippie..(and I'm conservative!) You either held on until you graduated high school without getting knocked up and hauled ass out of there, or you would fall into the small town trap of ignorance and gossip. I could go to walmart in the next town with friends and my grandmother would get at LEAST 5 calls from different people saying they saw me there. It was a RELIEF to move to the Gulf Coast of Alabama. I still get my small town kick from my in-laws but can easily go to the beach when I want and shop at the local mall for fun.

I guess what I'm trying to say is southern small town culture is NOT what its cracked up to be. Trust me, its as bad as Steel Magnolias put it, if not worse. But I guess if you live in the city all your life, seeing open fields and ponds full of brim with deer playing on the highway...has its own charm to it probably. To each their own. I just know I wouldn't trade the sand between my toes for the AWESOME chocolate pound cakes at Holt's Bakery in a million years. If you love it though, enjoy it!

10 Reasons I Love Living in a Small Town
8/30/13 11:49 PM