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i do the cut up tshirt thing and its working great. i seem to have an abundance of tshirts that need to be put out to pasture and felt bad about just throwing them away. two birds, one stone.

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4/16/14 09:14 PM

TRIVIAL PURSUIT is the only game worth playing

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1/10/14 08:10 PM

you're all wrong. i like the bottles. green glass, different heights. doesn't say boozy to me, instead a way to repurpose something common into different. i might steal this idea.

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12/16/13 07:52 PM

that being said, produce at trader joes isnt great either...always kinda dried out.

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12/6/13 08:53 PM

Aldis is hit or miss...their brand block cheese there mostly separates in my experience with au gratin potatoes but the Fage greek yogurt is pretty damn cheap.

What We're Reading: Is Aldi the Best Grocery Store in America? 10 Weekend Reads from The Kitchn
12/6/13 08:53 PM

i'll be making homemade chex mix for my boyfriend's family...usually a win with unadventurous palletes ;)

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12/4/13 08:32 PM

i like how modern it sounds

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11/1/13 08:56 PM

Well Priced/Good Quality: Olive Oil, Nuts, Cheese, Almond Butter, Greek Yogurt

Look for Elsewhere: produce, seems dried out. Some baked goods seemed to get mold way early, even with keeping in fridge. I dont buy meat but i wouldnt get it there either.

Frozen food & snack section has some good treats: pot stickers, frozen artichokes, trail mix, chocolate covered anything.

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11/1/13 08:44 PM

I've found that the trader joes soups in cartons make for easy stand-bys. I keep one at my desk (unopened) during the fall. Pour it into a mug, heat, and boom--tomato soup for lunch. I usually have an apple or cheese slices to supplement.

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9/7/13 11:45 PM

i love an imaginative sandwich. as a vegetarian, i have to say hummus is kind of tired. i'm intrigued by oh jell's pickle sandwich. smitten kitchen has a good recipe for a smashed chickpea sandwich too. i've tried the chickpea of the sea and its tasty. a cafe in my town makes a vegan bahn mi with marinated tofu; super tasty and seemingly low maintenance.

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8/30/13 08:29 PM