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Doug Mockett has a plethora of cable organizers. They are a wholesaler but will sell to individuals too, with no minimum quantity, I believe.

Managing This Out of Control Cable Conundrum?
Good Questions

10/1/10 10:03 PM

It's important to remember that there were more than just two or three designers in the mid-century era. Designers feed off of, and inspire each other, so who's the knockoff, and who's the original? Just because Mies and Knoll are the names that we remember doesn't mean that they are the only original designers.

20th Century Furniture Design: The Scoop on Licensed Reproductions & Reissues
9/29/10 12:37 AM

The thing is, people with pets unwittingly carry their pet's dander with them everywhere and deposit it--public transit, restaurants, shops. So a person with a severe allergy is constantly at risk of exposure and a subsequent reaction, wherever they go. After a good industrial cleaning, I doubt that IKEA had any more dander in it than does on any given day.

IKEA: Herding Cats, The Experiment
9/11/10 11:50 PM

As a professional, it kind of irks me that anyone would call this a 'male-dominated profession.' I have always worked with more female colleagues than male. Sure there may be some offices or teams that are more male, but it's not accurate to call it the global reality.

That male dominated profession exists only in some people's minds and in history books. Repeating the phrase merely perpetuates a false stereotype.

Art Collector's Loft by UNStudio

9/1/10 10:36 PM

I've used plastic wrap for a lot more than protecting furniture.

I've wrapped dishes and silverware. Books. computer cables and accessories. Toiletries. Using the smaller 6" tube of plastic wrap, of course. But its very useful. A lot of places tape is used, plastic wrap works just as well if not better.

8 Things That Make Moving That Much Easier
8/12/10 08:51 PM

dress them up with some decals and better cabinet pulls. And paint or otherwise decorate the walls and windows to draw your attention away from the cabinets.

Ideas for Improving Look of Kitchen Cabinets in Rental? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
7/24/10 01:11 AM

If the cat is peeing on clothing and bedding there's a possibility that there's a scent in the detergent, fabric softener, or in the perfume you wear, that is attracting them to that spot--so try something different or just switching to perfume-free detergent/softener.

I agree that spraying is not a gender issue but rather a altered/intact issue. Unaltered cats are far more likely to spray, regardless of gender.

Dealing With A Cat Who Pees All Over The House | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
7/19/10 09:22 PM

I used to travel somewhat regularly for work (at least one trip a week) and I just had a pre-packed suitcase for all the trips. A dopp kit with a duplicate of all of my toiletries. Outfits that were chosen specifically for wrinkle-free properties. Earrings and accessories that went with everything. Dressy but comfortable walking shoes.

I was regularly traveling with the same business associates and we had to take pictures of our site visits and quickly noticed we all had the same outfits on in every trip--we were all doing the same thing! It only took the third or fourth business trip before we all realized what a waste of our precious home time it was to repack, so we all just created a 'go bag'. When we came home we quickly laundered and put everything right back in the bag.

I don't travel as much for work anymore, but I still have the ingredients and I love how little time I have to spend getting ready for a trip now!

The Organized Traveler: Packing Tips | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
7/12/10 12:00 AM

As far as keeping motor oil and antifreeze and other things from the water supply, ribbon driveways are probably no better than concrete slabs. But reducing the expanse of concrete, even a little bit, cools the earth and that IS a good thing.

Many municipalities encourage ribbon driveways (like prospect heights IL).

Old-Fashioned Ribbon Driveways | Apartment Therapy Boston
7/5/10 10:20 PM

I would go complimentary. Red compliments green, and with this shade of green I'd probably go azalea or rose red (i.e., slightly pinkish, but a darker shade).

Could be done with paint, or it could be done with decals or stencils. A shower curtain that adds some of this color would help too.

Color to Spruce Up Bland Bathroom? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Chicago
7/2/10 07:10 PM

The tops of doors and door frames. Even though no one will likely ever see it, the dust is there and every time you use the door, a little bit of that dust circulates, settling other places and aggravating allergies.

10 More Places You Might Forget To Clean | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
5/12/10 06:40 PM

I too would flip the tv and the piano, and then turn the sofa 90˚ to face the tv, with the fireplace in peripheral vision. And then I would place the side chair next to the piano so as not to block the balcony sliders.

How to Arrange Furniture in Room with Corner Fireplace? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
5/12/10 06:36 PM

The problem with the vacuum bags isn't needing an iron when you get there. It's finding a vacuum at your hotel to shrink your clothes back down for the trip home. Otherwise they won't fit and you're looking at either shipping it, or throwing stuff out.

5 Tips for Packing Light | Apartment Therapy Chicago
5/11/10 12:37 AM

How much time did it take to get a building permit for these 'temporary' walls?

Lauren's First Solo Flight House Tour | Apartment Therapy New York
3/18/10 12:18 AM

The Mitchell Gold sofa also has spring suspension which will prolong the life of the sofa considerably.

I would choose a Mitchell Gold produce over Room and Board any day, simply for quality reasons.

What's Important in Sofa Cushion Construction? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy New York
3/10/10 11:03 AM

Like the black slate, not digging the black grout with the white tile. It takes away from the clean look and contrast that the room would have had if the grout were white.

Chris Hannah's Black Slate Bathroom | Apartment Therapy Boston
3/8/10 10:12 PM

How is it a waste of water? Most people don't share the bathtub ALL the time. Most of the time, we take a bath alone. The amount of water required for two people to take two baths is the same whether the water is put in the same tub or separate tubs.

His and Hers Bathtubs? Hot or Not | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
3/8/10 10:11 PM

Yeah I'm another one who thinks, freedom to paint walls is different than painting floors. Painted walls can be painted over. Stripped and sanded floors--not.

And even if this particular landlord lets the tenant get away with it, the overwhelming majority won't so I don't think it is far of AT to label this 'apartment friendly'.

How To Repaint Stencil Ugly Rental Vinyl Tile Flooring Home Hacks | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
3/7/10 10:59 PM

Shouldn't sweeping and mopping be on that list somewhere?? Preferably in the short term.

I think washing the windows every month is a bit extreme. Unless you've got kids or dogs or smoke, the inside of the windows aren't going to get that dirty, and the outside is a major undertaking or impossible (as in apartments/condos).

Carpet manufacturers recommend steam cleaning every six months for *high traffic commercial areas*. Doing the same for residential carpets that see only a minute fraction of the wear and dirt is major overkill.

Some of these 'must do weekly' things seem insane though. I don't know about everyone else but I only have a few hours all week for free time, and I'm certainly not going to spend the majority of it cleaning! I spend perhaps two hours on Sunday morning cleaning. Otherwise I clean whenever I notice something needs doing.

A Cleaning Schedule: How Often Do We Need to Clean? | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
3/1/10 07:54 PM

it would appear she did more than just change the hinges and pulls on those doors. The doors previously had some sort of half-round trim and now they don't. Either these were removable ornament or the doors were replaced entirely.

Flickr Find: Lindsey's Low-Cost Kitchen Makeover | Apartment Therapy DC
3/1/10 07:45 PM