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I just got a rack to hang my clothes on to dry instead of using the dryer. Yes, they will be wrinkled, but I iron my clothes anyway. I will probably always have a dryer though, because you never know when you may need something dried quickly.

Have You Lived Without a Dryer? Survey | Apartment Therapy Boston
12/11/09 07:22 AM

Kids might have fun with it. But meetings? No.

What Would You Do With a Cloud? | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
11/12/09 07:06 PM

A medium shade of pink.

Paint Color for My Living Room?Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Chicago
11/11/09 07:46 PM

This article has some great suggestions. And Pandora is awesome.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Entertaining: At The Drop Of A Hat
11/2/09 09:58 PM

paintitbright, yes you are right.

Apartment Therapy DC | Book Review: Speed Decorating by Jill Vegas
11/2/09 09:51 PM

My grocery store sells those country-style cinnamon brooms for decoration/scent. I put it in the bathroom and the smell lasts a few months.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | 9 Ways to Scent Your Home Without Candles
10/20/09 04:11 PM

More like a survey. No feedback.

Apartment Therapy New York | House Beautiful's Color Personality Quiz
10/9/09 10:01 AM

Love the houndstooth carpet tiles in the kitchen.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Jason & Michael's Beautifully Structured Bohemian House Tour
10/8/09 09:17 PM

I love the color scheme. Nice details throughout.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Alexandra's Spiced Chai Living Room Room for Color - North #4
10/8/09 07:33 PM

Invest in a Food Saver. It will save you $.

Buy meats on sale, label and freeze them for later use.

You will learn what you need.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | What Are Essential Pantry Items for the Freezer? Good Questions
9/30/09 12:02 PM

mattiemay, I don't see one in #7 either.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Display Ideas For the Music Lover
9/19/09 12:30 PM

I LOVE IT. What great use of a small space. I am so inspired!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Kitchen Tour: Gregory and Emily's Colorful Kitchen
9/17/09 09:24 PM

A couple of my friends have it and I have tried it myself. For those who would otherwise too lazy to step into a gym, or go for a walk or run, or take their dog out of their backyard, this is probably a good product. It definitely doesn't compare to the real thing.
I love how people claim they are good at tennis or boxing or something and you ask them about it and they say they play it on the wii. Their technology is their real world.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Do You Exercise at Home? (Yay for Wii Fit!)
9/17/09 08:19 PM

They will be fine. Use pillows and throw blankets to tie the pieces of furniture together.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Furniture Pairing Advice? Good Questions
9/17/09 06:45 PM

I buy organic as much as I can. I would say about 60% of what I buy in produce is organic. Sometimes it gets pricey and it isn't worth it, so you just have to go with what you can get.

Not sure if it is true, but I heard that mushrooms soak up a great deal of what seeps into the soil, so I always buy organic mushrooms.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | When Should You Buy Organic? The Dirty Dozen Most Popular Posts
9/16/09 08:40 PM

Yes, get a dresser with skinny legs to replace the current one. Maybe one with some curves if you want something less linear.

I like the rug idea for the dining area.

What about placing a very large piece of artwork where the sewing machine is? Frameless with a thick mat. Instead of hanging it, you could tilt it against the wall and secure it somehow so it doesn't slide.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Ideas for Updating this Victorian Landing? Good Questions
9/15/09 10:07 PM

I added plants. My favorites are birdsnest ferns, pothos, and succulents. I love how it makes my room feel more alive and cheery.

I have also become a better housekeeper. Everything has a place, but I'm not obsessive about it. Before I go to bed, I take 10 minutes and tidy things up. It is better to wake up to a clean house than a bunch of chores to do.

Make pillows with different colors/prints on each side. You can simply flip them over if you want a change.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | 20 Ways To Love Your Home
9/14/09 08:26 PM

It would not allow me to put markers on the map. Couldn't get it to download after that.

Apartment Therapy New York | Cool (and Free!) Maps from the USGS
9/11/09 12:06 AM

Yes, giant paper stencil. And lots of measuring!?

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | How to Stencil A Large Wall Pattern? Good Questions
9/10/09 06:02 PM

I am thinking of doing this on my door that opens to my air conditioner.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Hanging Framed Artwork on Rarely Used Doors
9/8/09 06:58 PM