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Wot, no chip n dip for Pete?
Hells bells.

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5/15/14 04:30 AM

are all of those glass on glass sandwich frames custom?
or is there an ikea hack I'm not aware of?

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2/19/14 04:52 AM

Caroline Labalie -
hang everything off doors! it's annoying but overnight is usually enough

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Sleep in it Twice As Long Comment of the Day

1/31/14 07:25 AM

Hello everyone, Vee here!

I'm afraid I lasted about a whole 10 minutes after submitting this question to AT before snapping up a piece on ebay.
If I hadn't found some for a reasonableish price from a seller willing to ship internationally (trying very hard not to think about the original IKEA £/m) I would definitely have gone down the fabric printing route, it's the perfect roll up piece of christmas for a small apartment. I was surprised in fact that no one on etsy was selling their own home made versions, it's a nifty idea.

If there was any of that fabric left at my local IKEA I would be setting up an ebay racket within the day :)

@herms This won't help with the obsessing, but the ornaments are just pinned on - the fabric is just the tree in all its pine needly beauty. Judging from the comments the only sure fire cure is an immediate trip to ebay, I hope you find one!

Will IKEA's Christmas Tree Fabric Be Back This Year? Good Questions
8/30/13 05:22 PM