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Those balloons would be rad for a cloudy with a chance of meatballs themed party!

13 Fun, Favorite DIY Party Decor Ideas for a Summer Gathering Apartment Therapy's Guide to the Perfect Summer
6/21/14 06:09 PM

I have to say that the wood play gym thing from Ikea has gotten the most use out of any toy we've had. Both my kids play with it extensively way after babyhood. It's been a motorcycle, a shop counter, a fort support, a scooter. I had to put it away because I want it to be around for our next baby and my boys are still asking after it. I have to say, our simple Ikea toys get the most play, always a wise purchase!

Carrie's List: Baby Items I'm Glad I Bought and Ones I Wish I Hadn't
6/18/14 12:21 PM

Love that blue in the living room! What color is it?

Albert & Katy's Cheerful Colors
5/24/14 09:10 PM

It's a spring firm, Simmons Beautyrest Black, btw! We figured we'd add our own pillow top if we wanted down the road.

Tell Us: What's the Most You've Ever Spent on a Mattress?
5/21/14 10:37 PM

We just spent $600 on our first new mattress, a Cal King from the clearance section of a furniture store. No warranty since it was in the clearance section but it is a $3500 mattress so we figured we'd take the plunge. So far it's amazing, especially since we'd been sleeping on a full size bed the last 11 years.

Tell Us: What's the Most You've Ever Spent on a Mattress?
5/21/14 10:35 PM

While researching time capsules I discovered most sites advise against burying the capsule, as moisture can still get in and destroy the contents, even if they're in a plastic bag. Most people say to hide it in the back of a closet with a note saying "Do not open until 'date'"

A First Birthday Time Capsule
3/14/12 12:20 PM

We have a wood stove as well that is on an elevated platform. So far my 8 month old cannot roll into it or reach it when he's in his walker because of the barrier, but I'm sure once he's walking or crawling independently he'll go for it. He's just that kind of kid. My oldest son was actually more cautious in nature so we never had to put up a gate, so I'd say it depends on your kid. We'll be opting for the hearth gate, it's temporary. (And will keep us from tripping over the fireplace in the dark anyway as it's in a high traffic area!)

Babyproofing a Wood Stove
Good Questions

1/4/12 04:09 PM

This is SO cute. I love the color!

Win This kMix Pump Espresso Machine from De'Longhi!
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12/12/11 02:03 PM

My sons would ADORE this. We're big on doll play in this boy dominated household. (And mama pumps arm and says "YESSS!")

Win This Waldorf Wooden Dollhouse from Bella Luna Toys!
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12/9/11 01:43 PM

I was actually considering doing this for my boys once my baby moves into the same room as his brother, we're planning on getting the IKEA KURA bed for my son and stashing a mini crib on wheels underneath, that way we could slide it out to get the baby out. (Then later when the baby is out of a crib we could put him on a mattress on the floor. IDEAL!

They're Never Too Young To Sleep In Bunkbeds
House To Home

11/9/11 01:00 PM

Now that's clever!

Skip Hop's New Bedding Designs and The Complete Sheet
ABC Kids

10/3/11 01:38 PM

We have 4, two that match our crib set and 2 extras. We also have 1 rubber sheet/matress protector and we layer them for quick bed changes.
Rubber sheet
Fitted sheet
rubber sheet
fitted sheet
Now that my son is in a toddler bed with a crib size mattress that set up is particularly helpful for middle of the night accidents.

Readers Survey: How Many Crib Sheets Do You Have
10/3/11 01:14 PM

Yeah, I have an IKEA one for my little guy. I've noticed second time around the baby toys have to be a bit more sturdy so they can handle the 3-year-old's machinations as well. This is pretty, but too pricey for being a single purpose item.

Wooden Play Gyms from Finn + Emma
9/30/11 01:45 PM

I'd even go one step further and say PVC pipe, you could get quite a few lengths out of a 5 foot section and they'd last FOREVER. Such a good idea.

How To: Make An Art Tube For The Backpack
Curly Birds

9/26/11 04:52 PM

I received a smaller but similar box of stuff from a local church organization when I found out I was pregnant with my first. (We were, and still are, pretty low income.) Definitely made me feel more supported by the community, perhaps there should be more churches or organizations doing similar acts of charity to new mamas. (Not sure if the US government could be as rad as Finland, the boxes would probably just end up being more like corporate sample boxes if the US did something like this.)

Finland's Baby Boxes for Expectant Mothers: A Nation's Gift
9/26/11 03:56 PM

We have the exact same problem in our son's room. We're planning on hard wiring a switch eventually but in the meantime, to keep our son from attempting to plug in or unplug the light (if you have it in an exposed spot) we've been using a hinged locking cover like this one:

Ideas for Plug-In Ceiling Fixtures for a Kid's Room
Good Questions

9/19/11 04:58 PM

It's awesome, but I totally did not expect that very dark ending.

Ground Control To Major Cool
8/30/11 12:54 PM

We have a house with the stream on the property. Our backyard is fenced off and our son knows not to exit the fenced area by himself. If he's playing in any unfenced portion of our yard, he has to stay within sight and he knows not to go "into the woods" without an adult. (We also have lots of critters, including bears that live near us) The stream is kind of down a steep hill on our property so my son knows not to go down the hill. I'd say a fenced play area is the best way to go if you still want some outside play time where you don't have to be constantly watching them.

Safety Ideas for a Small Creek Near the House
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7/19/11 05:49 PM

This is a really interesting thread as my 3-year-old and 2-month-old's birthdays are just two weeks apart and I was wondering about combining celebrations for family and friends. Most of our family lives at least an hour or two away so it will probably be more convenient for guests to throw one big party. And big shared gifts? I'm ALL for that, especially since my kids are the same gender and I'm not a big fan of clutter.

Combined Birthday Parties
7/19/11 05:40 PM

My son was going #1 all the time in the potty but the one time he did #2 in the potty it totally freaked him out and now he asks for a diaper to poop in and is now preferring to pee in a diaper as well. My husband keeps saying that he won't be in diapers forever but when I just asked my son this morning after changing yet another 3-year-old poopy diaper if he was just going to keep using diapers as a grown up he said, "Yep!" We're almost out of diapers so I may just go the whole no diapers at all route, but the only thing I hate more that changing a poopy diaper is cleaning poopy underwear. Ick.

Let's Get This Potty Started Right: Potty Training Woes & Wisdom
7/19/11 03:29 PM