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Another vote for angling the chair out.

You could fill that wall with bookshelving, hence making it purposeful space and cozy.

Ideas to Improve this "Sad" Corner of the Living Room?
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1/7/11 10:46 AM

I think you have some nice pieces. However, what it's keeping you from achieving that romantic modern look are the skinny mahogany pieces, which break up the calming monochromatic scheme. You may want to consider some mirrored furniture (slightly antiqued), like this one from Pottery Barn It would, of course, reflect all the white and cream so that it wouldn't have to be white itself. And because the room will have little color it'll be good to add a bit of shine and sparkle to create more dimension.

Also, I'd hate to say it, but the bed might be better on the left wall (as your entering the room) and the tv could go on the right wall.

Good luck and enjoy! I love the idea!

Help Me Create a Modern & Romantic Bedroom?
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12/14/10 08:38 AM

I'd also love to know what the mechanism for the sliding bookshelf doors is! Please share. Love that idea!

Apartment Therapy DC | Rachael's Apartment Therapy Inspired Design Lab House Tour
9/12/09 08:02 AM

Love those Ceska chairs. I hated them in the 80s. Then, one day I saw them at the MOMA and I suddenly 'got it'.

My family had a teak Danish modern coffee table when I was a kid. I remember marveling to myself how 'soft' and smooth the wood seemed. I saw that same coffee table 20 years later at a girlfriend's new house. And yeah, seeing it gave me pangs of nostalgia... and envy! My friend said that when she and her sister were kids they used to hold up one end of the table use that table and use it as a slide. Why hadn't I thought of that?

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Home Decor That Stirs Nostalgia
9/11/09 06:50 PM

Here's a possible scheme that could tie the rooms in together color-thematically: You could use clay (make sure it's not a greenish taupe) and chocolate (as in wenge and other dark wood surfaces) in both rooms, using a bit of the red and cream in the living room and then a bit of the mustard (or is it more of a wheat color?) and cream in the dining room as accents in each. These accent colors can make small appearances in either room, like in a painting. The dark brown would bring out the warmth of the wood floors.

What great rooms! Enjoy!

Apartment Therapy Boston | Color Guidance for New Apartment! Good Questions
9/11/09 06:40 PM

Congrats on landing what seems to be a really cool job!

I'd love a burnt orange on those white walls. It'd make a great combination with they greys and the white. Accent with lemongrass green, an acidic yellow, and bits of a bright true blue--cerulean.

Wow - I can imagine how photos would pop out of that color scheme, whether black and white or color!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Design Ideas for My Classroom? Good Questions
9/10/09 08:33 PM

I love the idea of draping those very tall walls with fabric... I'm ever on the lookout for very-high-ceiling tricks.

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8/27/09 10:24 AM