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It's a Homefill!

Family Lives in a Showhouse, Like Living Props Design News
7/11/14 01:47 PM

this is a fun game. first, very wide washi tape on the wall- see it here-http://decor8blog.com/2012/09/11/mt-casa-xl-washi-tape-for-decorating/ -but i would do it in horizontal stripes. i think it's more sophisticated than vertical stripes. and stick to one color-a pale blue or navy blue could actually work with your existing wall color, depending on the tones.

I second the sisal rug idea, and would add plants. Ultimately, though, I think bringing in brighter colors in smaller amounts-bright yellow what! will make everything fresher.

How Do I Decorate Greige/Yellow Graduate Housing? Good Questions
6/26/14 05:22 PM

i don't always love vignettes but i do when they look like this. my favorite house tour in awhile. love the coastal vibe and exceptional use of plants.

Meg's Classic Glamor Apartment House Tour
4/29/14 02:32 PM

I worked for TJs for 6 years. It was a great run, and four years ago I would have agreed that they treat their employees super well. However, that is changing...just fyi. For instance, they recently did away with their 17 hr. per week minimum for health insurance coverage.

I try not to buy a lot of the ready-made stuff, I just can't justify the cost and calorie content. I'd rather spend those calories on CHEESE. the goat's milk brie with a smudge of fig butter is my idea of the perfect lunch.

I agree that the produce is hit or miss, but I love the unique "special buys" that are available, like the stalks of brussels sprouts.

also, meatwise, i have had consistent success with whole chickens (just the standard ones, the other ones are too expensive for this grad student).

I actually get asked this question a lot as a former TJs employee-what are the best TJs products?

I always tout the dried fruit and nuts section-great deals, especially in terms of variety for this granola maker (dried cherries are so hard to find!). Does TJs live up to the hype? Probably not, b/c some of the FRENZY i have witnessed should be reserved for something a tad more celestial.

What Are Your Best Tips for Shopping at Trader Joe's? Good Questions
11/2/13 08:09 PM

I'd like to echo more budget-focused stuff, but I'd also really like to see more universal design components that are accessible and also focus on aesthetics. As someone who lives with a wheelchair-user, I often find myself choosing between looks and functionality. I'd love to see how other apartment/condo dwellers make this work!

How can design contribute to social justice and accessibility? I'd love to see more examples and discussions about this.

What Would You Like to Hear More About?
10/24/13 11:56 AM

plants. planty plant plants. another cheap alternative to wallpaper is to take fabric and staple it to canvas stretchers using a staple gun. I've done this with some success:


Good Question Revisited: A Before & After (Plus One More Question)
8/29/13 09:56 PM