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Yes. Many of us are uneasy when people feel the need to constantly display their thoughts and feelings to the rest of us. It's like covering your car in bumper stickers or wearing a team jersey everywhere you go. Unnecessarily provocative and more than a little tacky.

I generally get the impression that some sort of overcompensation is going on in these cases.

How To Properly Display The American Flag
7/6/14 11:49 AM

This looks ok for a while but then gets progressively more difficult to clean after oil builds up on the surface.

Rubbing alcohol and a microfiber cloth works perfectly on mine. No streaks and no fingerprints. Simple as it gets.

How To Clean Stainless Steel Appliances with Vinegar and Oil Cleaning Lessons from the Kitchn
7/4/14 11:56 AM

Are you sure you want curtains? Have you considered using frosted contact paper on the panes to obscure the view and keep more of the light?

How To Hang Curtains from Loft Window Frame? Good Questions
6/27/14 09:53 AM

Keep all the basics. Change your art and accessories. Go for graphic punch and whimsy with those. It doesn't even need to be colorful. Just funky and unexpected. All this room needs is a sense of humor.

What's Needed in This Room? Good Questions
9/30/12 01:03 AM

There are some great water-saving showerheads available. We love our 1.6 gpm showerhead that was recommended in the comments of this very website (a Delta, I believe). And Amazon reviewers seem to enjoy this one: http://www.amazon.com/Alsons-655CBX-Fluidics-Saving-Shower/dp/B00112X51W/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1346166890&sr=8-1&keywords=1.6+gpm+shower+head quite a bit. Not all showerheads (water-saving or otherwise) are created equal. Maybe look around a bit before you give up?

Under Pressure: Do Water-Saving Showerheads Have Oomph?
8/28/12 11:21 AM

If this were me, I'd focus on seeing if I couldn't get closer to the look I want by changing the easy stuff first. Light fixture, wall color, accessories, etc. I think a lot could be done there. And those are the things that are easier to experiment with. So, with that in mind, I'd probably do this:

1. Try a sky or ocean blue on the walls first. Or maybe a bright turquoise per others. If that didn't work, maybe an icy green even. Bright white could also be a distinct possibility with the thought of injecting color with the accessories.
2. Switch the light out to a modern (or even a fun) light fixture (or several light fixtures). I kind of like Shades of Light's selection and price range: http://www.shadesoflight.com/lighting/bathroom-vanity/all-bathroom-vanity/index2.html
3. Bring in plants and silver accessories (maybe on white trays for organization?) to help soften the large swaths of stone.
4. Change out the towels to either match or contrast, depending on the wall color.

If all that failed, then I would resort to making more drastic, more permanent changes.

Colors for Cabinets & Wall To Look Less Heavy? Good Questions
7/5/12 01:06 PM

Like them all except for #2. It's all merchandizing...like tchotchkes gone wild.

#1, on the other hand, is fairly stunning. Even though there are tchotchkes aplenty, they look nice when incorporated with more functional items. I think bookshelves should have purpose without looking too purposeful, and #1 does that nicely.

Rooms with Beautiful Built-Ins Inspiration Gallery
6/23/12 05:02 PM

Some funky hardware and a similarly funky treatment on the toekick would do a lot for this piece. It could even turn its laminatiness into a plus rather than a minus. Maybe something that coordinates with the blanket? Even the fabric you used inside the cabinet could work on the toekick, it seems.

Before & After: Knitting Stash Cupboard
5/5/12 02:25 PM

I don't know. I'm kind of with Holler in this one. I feel like if you have that beautiful flora around you, it would be better to embrace it rather than obscure it. However, if you're not pleased with the view and want to obscure it while still smelling some fresh air, I could see value here. In short, this strikes me as the right design in the wrong setting (or vice versa). But maybe there's more to this story than these particular pictures let on.

Before & After: Bare Patio Turned Luxurious Cabana Centsational Girl
4/28/12 02:06 PM

To me, being a grown up means eschewing what matters to the Joneses and acting on what matters to you. The version of grown up described in this post is different from my version. I think I'm going to eschew this version.

Do You Live In A Grownup House?
4/28/12 11:06 AM

The cabinet innovation - genius! Love the dark walls as well. Made me rethink my own white space for a bit even though I love my white space. Nicely done!

Brenda's Curiosity Shop Small Cool Contest
4/19/12 02:38 PM

Love this! So inspiring in so many ways.

Jamil's Just Enough Small Cool Contest
4/19/12 01:31 PM

I think you're right that white-white won't work with a cream ceiling. If this were me, I'd look to almost-white icy blues and cucumbery greens for inspiration. That way, I think you could get the brightness in without clashing with the ceiling.

Will White Walls Clash with Original Details? Good Questions
4/17/12 06:58 PM

Forty five minutes away; never a meltdown; just some serious angst. It's a lot to take in. So, when we get to the point of insanity, we head for the restaurant area and chill for a bit. The best times to go seem to be Sunday nights when, for some reason, there are way fewer people there.

IKEA Meltdowns: Do They Happen To You?
4/17/12 03:03 PM

That first photo is great!

Otilia's Ongoing Project Small Cool Contest
4/13/12 10:27 PM

Love it! I certainly hope it's not a filter that's creating that color palette, because that palette is amazing. Gives the space a calm cohesiveness and allows the people to liven it up without crowding it. Beautiful!

Kristi's Head Over Heels Small Cool Contest
4/13/12 10:00 PM

Love the switch! But I really think that, in order to get the most out of that yellow, the door trim--and maybe even the awning ceiling--should be painted black. Black would tie in with the mailbox color and make the whole front door area a little more pronounced.

Before & After: Bungalow Seeks Cool Colors
4/13/12 09:28 PM

Also, I believe the storage in the sewing area is in that long row of cabinets along the lefthand wall. You can see it in the floor plan.

Lauren & Kyle's Double Duty Elements Small Cool Contest
4/13/12 12:23 PM

One of the many things I love about this place is that you don't seem to need a lot of stuff on the surfaces to make it feel warm and cozy. Great materials choices!

Lauren & Kyle's Double Duty Elements Small Cool Contest
4/13/12 12:21 PM

I love this space too! And get the sense that, no matter where you move, your next space will be equally amazing. Also, I have that same Ikea shoe cabinet...people always ask if it's a built-in. The key to helping Ikea look less Ikea is all in the hardware, in my opinion.

Mrs. Small made me laugh out loud, so I googled her. Is this the character: http://www.shmoop.com/house-dies-drear/mrs-small.html?

Lucy & Thomas Say Goodbye to their Artful Family Home House Tour
4/13/12 09:51 AM