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It's probably best that Alicee not lie about potentially imaginary family members, and it's perfectly okay to say, "you know, I think I'd like to live on my own so you need to move out".

Group Living Isn't Easy: A Gallery of Snarky Notes and Post-Its
2/16/12 02:28 PM

That thing will break the first time it goes off because I will smack it after I burn the toast.

Put a Bird On Your Smoke Detector
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2/6/12 12:24 AM

Xmarks. It holds all my stuff!

7 Apps I Always Want On Both My Work and Home Computers
2/5/12 10:50 PM

So glad I'm not the only one who thought of nipple rings. :)

Before & After: Battered Dresser Goes from Drab to Fab
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11/18/11 08:13 PM

I can see both side of the argument but to be able to live this kind of lifestyle requires living in a kind of dense urban area with access to resources and stores that's not as common in North American cities as it seems to be in European ones. My city was built on oil money and most households live in single-family, stand-alone structures with at least one car in the driveway. I live in the very centre of my city and have a 20 minute trip to work by train, but even so, there's no way I could go shopping every day for groceries. A slight detour to the store adds at least 45 minutes to my day even though it and my home are on several major transit routes.

I'm saving up to move next summer and if there is one absolute must-have in my new apartment, it's a full-size fridge and freezer because I want to be able to cook meals and freeze them in individual portions. Right now, if I put one bag of veggies, some soup and a pint of ice cream in the freezer it's practically full.

Small Space Solutions: IKEA's Idea-Packed Videos
11/16/11 08:03 PM

Oh dear. I would just ask them to repaint. That colour combo is horrendous.

How To Tone Down Bright Walls In Rental?
Good Questions

7/13/11 01:10 PM

Ooooo. Love the sink.

Before & After: Reno From Virtual Mockup to Reality
3/30/11 02:13 PM

Yep, ready for the crafty apocalypse, or craftocalypse, or yarnocalypse, in my case. As my sister says, I have a needle problem.

@ewg109, are wayward dressers the result of one nightstands? (Bad pun, sorry, sorry...)

Are You a Home Project Hoarder?
3/29/11 04:53 PM

Pancake the pinata is lovely. Poesy is adorable. :)

Poesy's Eclectic Vintage Nursery
Nursery Tour

3/21/11 02:42 PM

Thanks, annieL.

Source For Tulip Inspired Wallpaper?
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3/21/11 02:42 PM

Fond farewell, my Aunt Fanny. I am so sick of winter I'm kicking it to the curb without so much as a fare-thee-well.

A Fond Farewell to Winter
3/21/11 02:39 PM

@ lampeam: They're trying to escape.

The 10 Most Expensive Beds on Etsy
3/21/11 02:15 PM

Okay, now that we know where the wallpaper's from--what about the bag on the floor?

Source For Tulip Inspired Wallpaper?
Good Questions

3/16/11 04:03 PM

Love the rug in photo 5, and the giant baby pic in 7.

10 Fantastically Femme Workspaces
3/16/11 04:02 PM

Best name for a store, ever.

Emily's Guide to Dublin's City Centre
Dublin, Ireland

3/10/11 05:33 PM

A friend's aunt had a fireman's pole installed right beside (or in the middle of, I can't remember) the spiral staircase.

Sliding Into Our Hearts: Incredible Indoor Slides
3/9/11 04:38 PM

Okay, who the h-e-double-hockey-sticks created the graphic for this post? "We are plus size" in puffy letters? And what made you think the phrase "on the heavier side of life" was a good idea? The attempt to be cute is terribly insulting.

Colorful Oversize Bedding from Brylane Home
3/9/11 02:52 PM

UGH. I just gave away two tiny tea exactly like the one in the photo above. Why didn't I think of this?

Vintage Tins as Functional Fridge Magnets
Creature Comforts

3/1/11 07:09 PM

@annekeo--I have a queen-size Ikea "Tromsnes" bed frame, very similar in style to the brass bed in the second photo (mine is all black with antique-looking brass knobs and feet). I bought it in January 2000 and it's still going strong. I did replace the wooden support slats two years ago because some had cracked, and a knob on one of the footboard posts came loose and won't stay screwed on securely, but I swapped it for one of the ones from the headboard (they're all the same size) and all is tickety-boo. So far the frame has stood the test of time better than any other piece of furniture I've owned, Ikea or otherwise (don't get me started on the Tylosand sofa). When I decide to get a new bed, I think it will retain a fairly good resale value because it's a classic style and of good quality.

Metal Bed Frames We'd Love To Own
2/20/11 07:50 PM


Before & After: Stage One of Liz & Chris' "Transitional" Renovation
2/17/11 12:30 PM