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Beautiful place! What a great tour!

Wendy & Gavin's Bright White Cottage House Tour
7/25/14 06:03 PM

Thank you for the input, but you can spell out "little". Please volunteer your home for a tour and we will all be the judges. Thanks in advance!

John & Laurel's Handcrafted Homestead House Tour
1/16/14 11:05 AM

So fun to wake up and see a Lawrence home on AT!! Your place looks so well-loved. I hope you've enjoyed Lawrence so far.

John & Laurel's Handcrafted Homestead House Tour
1/14/14 03:38 PM

Like the author, I also live in Lawrence--about 45 minutes west of KCMO. I don't think I could ever live in KC (just because I am a small town person), but there are some fun things to do there and a lot of interesting and [relatively] historic neighborhoods. I can't really speak of the cost of living in KC.

Boulevard Brewery is great, as mentioned above. KC also has amazing and historic BBQ joints. I like the old Arthur Bryant's best. Royals games are great in the summer, especially on Fireworks Fridays. And there is Arrowhead stadium for the football fans. Of course the best sports venue in the area though is Allen Fieldhouse in Lawrence. :)

What Does It Really Cost to Live in

8/28/13 03:03 PM