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I can't stop making this kale, peach, corn and feta salad. Juicy peaches, briny feta, and sweet corn are a great complement to kale.

Beyond Romaine: 10 Delicious Kale Salads Recipe Roundup
6/19/12 10:24 AM

I recently brought some deviled eggs to a new momma friend — nice shot of protein, easily eaten with one hand. Those that weren't inhaled upon delivery made for good snacks.

Can You Recommend Filling, Nutritious Snacks for a Breastfeeding Mom?Good Questions
5/25/12 01:26 PM

Don't forget about hamantaschen!

Jam, Jelly and Marmalade: 10 Desserts to Make with Fruit PreservesRecipe Roundup
3/30/12 01:23 PM

I'm a huge kale fan. Although it sort of negates the health properties, this rich and boozy miso-creamed kale is amazing. Along similar rich-and-creamy lines I love this kale and rye bread panade, and for lighter summertime fare this kale, peach, corn and feta salad is a really nice balance of kale's strong flavor with sweeter, lighter ingredients.

Kale of All Kinds: Curly, Dino & Russian
Ingredient Spotlight

2/27/12 10:40 AM

I recently made (and am now totally obsessed with) Concord grape focaccia. It's salty-sweet, with the punchy Concords topping an airy-yet-crispy dough.

Monday: Beyond Snacking: 10 Recipes Featuring Grapes
10/17/11 11:30 AM

You're missing the best part of watermelon cocktails -- the slushy ones! Here's my favorite frozen watermelon daiquiri.

Summer in a Glass: Watermelon Cocktails
8/23/11 10:23 AM

This is my go-to Turkish red lentil soup, which manages to be both beany and bright.

Looking for Easy, Simple Low-Carb Recipes with Legumes
Good Questions

4/13/11 01:21 PM

I recently made these tempeh sausages, which are a great beany shot of protein to accompany any breakfast.

Looking for Vegan Breakfasts with Beans
Good Questions

4/5/11 10:45 AM

FYI, canning lids actually are coated with BPA (in addition to the rubber that forms the seal). But it's just the lids, which don't generally make much contact with the food, and not the entire jar. There are some BPA-free lids out there (Tattler is one such company), though I don't know too much about the chemistry of them.

Plastic-Free Food Storage Alternatives
3/7/11 12:03 PM

I'm fond of these compost cookies as a tasty resting place for leftover bits of all kinds of sweet and savory snack foods.

On Cooking Through Your Pantry: Using Up Odds and Ends
2/9/11 10:29 AM

This potato tagine can be made ahead of time, and reheated in the oven or stovetop. Simple yet exotic, with great North African flavors (sadly seldom had in the veg-friendly diet). Steam some greens while it reheats, and dress everything up with a tube of harissa.

A Romantic, Make-Ahead Vegetarian & Gluten-Free Dinner?
Good Questions

1/11/11 04:41 PM

I'm hugely fond of our adaptation of this red lentil walnut burger. The red lentils are hearty but not heavy, a bit of oatmeal binds it, and it's spiced somewhat like a falafel. I make double batches and keep extras in the freezer for a great instameal.

Expert Advice: 4 Tips for Building a Better Veggie Burger
The Splendid Table

8/25/10 01:15 PM

Drink it! Pretty much any fruit can be infused to make a delicious booze. This rhubarb liqueur recipe can be used as a basic template for any fruit you like.

What Are Some Non-Jam Ways to Preserve Fresh Fruit? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
7/7/10 10:23 AM

I make a similar rhubarb liqueur, which I totally adore. But I use grain alcohol instead of vodka -- I think it's a better solvent, and pulls out more of the rhubarb flavor (although the name isn't nearly as fun to say).

Recipe: Rhubodka (Rhubarb Vodka) | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
7/7/10 10:20 AM

My favorite sauce-free pie is this version with potatoes, garlic scapes, bleu cheese and walnuts. The potatoes provide a surprisingly creamy base, and garlicky scapes, tangy blue and toasty nuts play against each other beautifully.

Change It Up! 6 Alternatives to Tomato Sauce on Pizza | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
7/2/10 12:08 PM

I'm a big fan of using spring vegetables like asparagus to top this sort of white pizza, with a bit of goat cheese and lemon to spark them up (and anchovies if you like them). It's a nice change of pace, and still highlights rather than hides the spring veg.

What Are Some Fresh Ways to Cook Spring Vegetables? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
6/7/10 04:21 PM

This is a good tutorial, but it doesn't hold a candle to this.

How To Make Umeshu (Japanese Plum Liqueur) | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
6/3/10 04:15 PM

I make these red lentil walnut burgers, which have a great flavor and texture. Red lentils, oats, walnuts and garlic, spiced with cumin, coriander and chili flakes. They're good with traditional burger fixings, or treated like a falafel, or (my favorite) dressed with kraut and thousand island dressing like a reuben. They freeze well, so I always make a double batch.

Can You Help Me Create a Well-Textured Veggie Burger? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
5/26/10 06:36 PM

My new favorite is the Finnish oven-baked pancake pannukakku, which can be whipped up at a moment's notice, and topped with jam as well as savory cheeses or smoked fish (you get dinner and dessert!). For breakfast, these yeasted jam-filled kolaches are lovely, and much easier to make than you'd think. I've also riffed on family recipes to come up with good jam-filled hamantaschen and ruggelach cookies (the benefit of coming from Eastern European stock, where jam was probably the only fruit in season for the bulk of the year).

Jellies, Jams, and Marmalades: What to do with Preserves | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
5/17/10 12:25 PM

While I've never had the swing shift, I have had years of lunch-packing to prepare me for the perfect reheat/eat cold meal. I came up with this kale and quinoa pilaf, which is healthy and delicious at any temperature. Continuing the healthy theme, these red lentil walnut burgers can be made ahead and frozen, and reheat beautifully in the toaster in the time it takes to get your fixings ready. Quiche is always good at any time of day or night, as is summery tomato paella.

What Are Good Make-Ahead Meals for Spring and Summer? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
5/11/10 10:49 AM