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I've got the base model and the thing is maybe my most beloved possession. Not such a fan of glass bottles for traveling (I carry one to and from work) but the penguin sure is nice looking. I probably drink 3 liters of soda water a day now.

100x better than the old school soda makers.

Apartment Therapy New York | Penguin Soda Maker by SodaStream Apartment Therapy Test Lab
9/18/09 04:32 PM

A MAPP gas torch is a wonderful thing. Several times hotter than propane, it'll torch the skin off without heating the tomato at all. I've got one with a nice trigger switch that turns it on and off instantly. Faster, and more dramatic, than bringing some water to boil. :)

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | There's Only One Way To Skin A Tomato
7/16/08 05:17 AM

Even your tiny local farm will kill the males. What do you think they do with them? Provide them with free room and board for their entire lives? They're useless except as food. You're completely out of touch with how farming works if you think otherwise.

Again, if you find this video objectionable, you'd best be a vegan. I applaud him for pushing this in people's faces.

I have nothing against eating meat as long as it's done as responsibly as possible. I _DO_ have something against people who are so out of touch with reality that they think their food materializes out of thin air. Even vegan food is grown in a way that results in the deaths of bazillions of voles and shrews and mice and gophers.

People should have at least enough respect for animals to be willing to acknowledge how they live and die.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Jamie Oliver Kills Baby Chicks on TV
6/10/08 11:14 AM

We've got a big green egg, so that's what I bake in during the summer. Two nights ago when it was 90F I baked a nice quiche and a rhubarb pie on it without getting the house all hot. Super handy.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Survey: What Do You Eat When It's This Hot?
6/10/08 11:02 AM

A nicely lit aquarium? Oh right, baby proof. :)

I guess I'd ask what you're worried is going to happen, other than pulling the current screen down on top of him- or herself? Is it heavy enough to crack a head open or sharp enough to cut? I might get rid of the old fire grate since those tend to be exceptionally pokey, but otherwise, put a non-poisonous plant there and a grow light up the chimney and leave it open?

Ours 1-yo pulled the lightweight screen down on himself one time, surprised himself and wailed for two minutes over the loud noise and sudden loss of stability, but didn't do it again...maybe that's bad advice. My parenting MO is basically to let him figure out on his own anything that won't involve an ER trip...

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Good Questions: What Can I Fill This Fireplace With?
4/30/08 12:54 PM

A Bosch PS-40 Impact Driver would suit any apartment dweller, and the Makita BTD142HW 18v lith-ion Impact Driver is perfect if you're doing more adventurous projects. You'll never go back to a regular cordless drill.

The lithium ion impact drivers are like having a little 1.5 or 3lb pet monster. No problem drilling or driving screws or removing freekin' lug nuts or installing concrete anchors, etc. Plus, you don't have to press down so hard to hold a driver bit to a screw, and the power delivery is such that the tool isn't twisting out of your hand. Best $200 I ever spent.

Apartment Therapy New York | Today's Email: The Toolbox for Living #2
3/27/08 05:43 AM

No question: Spyderco Sharpmaker. End of discussion, unless you want to pony up $200 for an EdgePro. I'd never in a million years trust an electric sharpener to take care of my chef's knife, which is the most heavilty used tool in the house.

You'll get a much better 'feel' for what sharp is and isn't when you use a manual sharpener. As for in-between sharpening honing, the Sharpmaker pretty much lives on the counter in my kitchen and I give my knives a quick pass or two down its ceramic stones, which takes off a negligible amount of metal and keeps the edge hair shaving sharp.

Anything that doesn't give you at least the option of 20 degree and 15 degree edges is a waste of time. High tech steel japanese knives love that 15 degree (or less!) edge, while something like a carbon steel knife should be at 20 or you'll be sharpening it twice a day.

Like any tool, you need to spend a little time learning to use it, but it's really worth the effort.

I certainly wouldn't bother with a $150 electric sharpener when an EdgePro doesn't cost much more and can put an INSANELY good edge on a blade.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Good Question: Best Manual Knife Sharpener?
3/7/08 07:40 AM

A reduction of beer is an _awesome_ ingredient in bbq sauce.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Ingredient Spotlight: Cooking with Beer
2/29/08 10:57 AM

I wouldn't worry about silicone. They make, uh, "personal lubricant" that is silicone based, and it's non-toxic.

It's good because it's slippery. It's bad because it's floppy and insulating. Personally, I don't use it (but I LOOOOOVE silicone spatulas).

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Survey: Silicone vs. Nonstick
1/17/08 05:54 AM

There's nothing at Whole Foods that I can't get from an actual local business. I have nothing against the food itself, but I don't appreciate the fact that it's competing with smaller, local-er grocers and butchers. Or maybe by raising food consciousness it's actually helping those places. Either way, I get my meat from a butcher, my produce from one of three produce places or my CSA box, and most everything else from the food coop or specialty stores around town.

I really, really, really object to the "Food As Status Symbol & Lifestyle" vibe that I get there. I hate how pretty everything and everyone is. It's just so completely the opposite of the hectic little shops and open air markets that I associate with good food.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Whole Foods Market: Grocery Store
1/15/08 12:06 PM

They suck. Where do I put the spoon when I need to put the lid back on the pot?

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Hot or Not: Utensil Pot Clips
1/8/08 06:45 AM

The calphalon stuff is awesome. All-Clad definitely has you paying a big premium for name. The Calphalon saucepans I've used are really fabulous.

I've got a beautiful 11" Mauviel fry pan that is excellent for anything acidic, responds basically instantly to heat, but truth be told my cast iron skillet gets at least 20 times more use and looks just as timeless. It's the only thing that gets used every day. Builds up those wrist muscles, too. :)

I'd never pay $100 for anything teflon coated, since it's not going to last all that long, and really we barely use our teflon as it is.

I've had great experiences with the super thick aluminum/steel stuff purchased from restaurant supply stores, and some of the no-name brands sold there are made by the fashionable companies, except for $75 rather than $150. Not exactly beautiful, but my 6 gallon stock pot is super useful, cost $45 and will outlive me I'm sure.

Apartment Therapy - Good Question: Why Are All-Clad Pots and Pans So Expensive?
11/28/07 06:31 AM