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Great nooks........ lucky kids!

A Nook of One's Own: Kids' Reading Nooks
10/24/12 03:14 PM

Buying this for two girls for Christmas. Really Pippi rocks !!!!

Pippi Moves In Comic Book Family Find
10/24/12 03:12 PM

very, very beautiful.

Violet's Bright and Airy Space Kids Room Tour
9/14/12 01:52 PM

One of my girls is now 8 and I can only comment on what she likes.

Um.......... stacks of books on the bedside table - Roald Dahl and Pippi Longstocking plus anything magic/fairy related. A full size bed with a pink/purple dot comforter and tons of blankets and pillows. A small sheep skin rug to lounge on and photos of friends/siblings and activities on all surfaces.

A small desk and a thin cabinet full of crafting/coloring/wool and tape will just about do it. Maybe this isn't a cool enough concept for this sight since chevron, owls and West Eim decor are missing. However for my little girl she and her friends seem to enjoy it just like it is.

My Dream Bedroom…If I Were Eight
9/7/12 10:05 AM

Beautiful house with pretty colors. Loved the nooks and hiding places.

Looks so warm and inviting and not at all staged.

Thankyou, so much for the tour.

Aimee & Todd's Relaxed Chic Home House Tour
5/31/12 03:46 PM

A beautiful, calm and peaceful haven.

Congradulations on your bundle of joy. I hope she has many sweet times and long naps in her pretty room.

Ignore any rude comments - some people have no class !

Edrie's Rainy Day NurseryMy Room
4/19/12 03:59 PM

What a beautiful and calm place to call home

Rob & Val's Renovation Rental
House Tour

4/18/12 08:27 AM

What a beautiful room.

Do your plans include swapping out the crib one day for a Jenny Lind bed?

Just curious how large the room is, we are in a simular situation with a workout room now turned bedroom.

Thanks and have fun !

Daphne's Glamorous Nursery Nursery Tour
3/28/12 01:56 PM

Seriously folks!

Forget the quilt ...... that baby is edible. What a darling ! I didn't even notice the quilt just those cubby thighs and cheeks.

DIY Wooden Baby Gym Seedpod Craft
3/21/12 02:24 PM

SIGH............ since we have never lived near an Ikea, nor does it look likely that we ever will, it is so sad that our future paths may never cross.

However, this looks cool! and mighty practical for people with stuff and children ( oh like me).

I would love to hear about the new colors or see the Expedit featured in a house tour.

At least I can dream

High Gloss Expedit Family Find
3/14/12 04:11 PM

what a beautiful and calming room.

I definately see the room 'growing' with your son.

Makes me smile looking at the beautiful bed and artwork and the little alcove filled with treasures and books.

Great job!

Aston's Bright & Breezy Room My Room
3/5/12 01:55 PM

just a beautiful room and oh so tidy!

nothing wrong with thinking about the future and having more grown-up taste reflected in the decor.

what girly-girl wouldn't love this room.

Adeline's Big Girl Room My Room
3/1/12 10:20 AM

seriously there is so much talent out there.

great job on such a calming room.

everything just flows and looks so enjoyable.

who wouldn't want to nap with a good book and drink in this room?

love this room !!!!!

L & I's Little Corner
Small Kids, Big Color Entry #59

12/9/11 11:07 AM

This is a beautiful, beautiful and I mean beautiful mature room, one I am guessing she may never grow out of...... Does your daughter keep the room 'picked up' or do you do the work?
Asking because my youngest - at 20 months is a horror and also has a cabinet for her M.A. dolls.
Unlike in your situation, my monster will not leave anything alone and I follow her around all day picking up/ cleaning up one big mess after another.
Maybe my child is just trained wrong? thankyou for the hope though.

A Taylor-Made Room
Small Kids, Big Color Entry #28

12/1/11 04:26 PM

so practical, still out of most people's budget.

Good luck to everyone entering!

Win This Canvas Basket from Steele Canvas!
Holiday Giveaway 2011

11/29/11 05:08 PM

What a beautiful room!

Plenty of fun and interesting items to look at. Nothing wrong with collecting toys and fun objects - which may one day be passed along to another child or grandchild.

I agree what a pain to dust! on the other hand I bet you do it with a smile on your face?

Eliza's Precious Vintage-Inspired Room
Room Tour

6/26/11 07:17 PM

ok - please don't post funny comments when some of us are sipping hot tea. I managed to snort some over myself and am grateful the tea didn't end up coming out of my nose!

yes, It does look like a lovely room and Oliver has a sweet looking mummy who appears rather tall so maybe her feet are in proportion to her height?

I too have large size 11 feet and am 6ft 1. The kids in my children's elementary school comment on me being 'rather tall' all the time. Oh, that would be a kind comment. Usually not so tactful. Luckily no one calls me "a giant' that would be really, truely horrid.

Back on subject - the room is cute and original and oh so wonderful. How could a little boy not be happy sleeping in such a place!

Oliver's Crafty Crib
Nursery Tour

5/20/11 03:50 PM

super sweet room and so cool..........

how could you not fall in love?

A Little Room for a Little Daisy
Smaller Cooler 2011 Entry #57

5/20/11 03:07 PM

the room is beautiful

where oh where was the bed purchased from? could you please share the source

thanks for an insight into such a great room

Parker's Big Boy Bedroom
Smaller Cooler 2011 Entry #6

5/5/11 03:48 PM

what a handsome room

just curious as one of my middle children is also 7 -although a girl......where do you store the items ( as in stuffed toys and blankets) and also reading materials (books/comics/magazines and such?).

Her space looks more cluttered and yours just looks polished.......


Julian's Cozy Corner of the World
Smaller Cooler 2011 Entry #3

5/3/11 03:46 PM