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I knew that was the Tillamook factory as soon as I saw the photo! It is always a stop on our trip to the Oregon coast. There's a petting zoo nearby too.

Low-Cost Day Trip Idea: Factory Tours

7/30/11 12:39 AM

We have audio books on pretty much constantly in the car, as we have a 30-40 minute commute home from school every day. My almost-7-year-old has LOVED the Harry Potter audio books (so far, we're only on #4), A-Z Mysteries, Encyclopedia Brown, Magic Tree House, all of the Roald Dahl books, Junie B. Jones, the Ramona books, and anything by Cornelia Funke (including Dragon Rider and the Ghosthunter series). We also just started on the Gregor books by Suzanne Collins (of Hunger Games fame, but these are for younger kids).

My Son's Top Ten Most Requested Audio Books
6/9/11 12:23 AM

Beautiful room. I especially like the cherry blossom art and the little bird houses.

I don't know if you already familiar with the Liz Logelin foundation that helps widows and widowers, but if not, you should check it out and the blog of the man who runs it: www.mattlogelin.com. He was married to a classmate of mine, who passed away a day after her baby was born.

My Room: Charlotte Grace
Atlanta, GA

1/29/11 05:06 PM

Wow, what a beautiful room! I wish I had room for a library/art room in my house. Very nicely done.

A Library In The House

10/21/10 11:29 AM

Colorforms are great, if you can find them. We also made use of those little magnetic story books/kits where you can arrange a scene with magnets. We had a Thomas the Tank Engine one, a pirate one, a robot one, etc.
(Like this: http://www.amazon.com/Mudpuppy-2139-7-Robots-Magnetic-Figures/dp/B002FO4KDC)

What To Put In a Travel Bag for Toddlers
Good Questions

10/8/10 02:04 PM

Usually I do candy, but one year we did hand out mini glowsticks to kids and they were a big hit. This was in a neighborhood with mostly older kids anyway.

Fresh Takes On Halloween Treats
9/30/10 04:35 PM

I think the Elliot you have listed is also a girl...

Most Popular Boys Rooms
9/28/10 06:06 PM

I had this very shower curtain in college (~12 years ago) for my postcard collection and carried it to my first few apartments too. Finally got rid of it when I became a homeowner but I remember loving how versatile and changeable it was. I don't think I ever used it on an actual shower...just used it as wall decoration or in closet doorways.

Pockets Shower Curtain
9/9/10 01:57 PM

As a mom and a current library student (and hopefully future librarian), I love it! I would have enjoyed this kit when I was a kid. Seems like something that would be fairly easy to DIY, too.

Little Librarian
8/26/10 01:13 PM

I worked at a used book store and not only did it end up with a very eclectic selection of kids books, but some are ones you can't find anymore. I found myself buying a bunch I remembered from childhood (YA books from Betty Ren Wright, Ann M. Martin, Christopher Pike), as well as books for my 6yo son.

And library sales are great...my cousin is a teacher and she would stock up on books that she needed multiple copies of for her classroom.

I love the swap idea! There are definitely some books we've outgrown.

I can tell I'm not going to get any work done today with this book theme on Ohdeedoh... :)

10 Places To Pick Up Used Children's Books
8/23/10 12:49 PM

Great list! We also checked out "My Librarian is a Camel," which I thought was cool but my son didn't get into it.

There is a book called "That Book Woman" about women in the 1930s who used to take books on pack horses up to poor, remote areas. It's a pictuer book told from a boy's perspective.

Books About Libraries
8/23/10 11:46 AM

We love the Skippyjon Jones books at our house! They are great fun to read aloud, and the illustrations are bright and colorful. I am a fan of the ones that come with the CD where the author reads the book.

Meet Skippyjon Jones
By Judy Schachner

8/17/10 06:30 PM

Oh, and the Skippyjon Jones books often come with an audio CD read by the author. They're great!

Toddler Audio Books OptionsGood Questions | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
7/20/10 02:17 PM

We have audiobooks in the car at all times as sometimes the commute home from school can take 30-45 minutes. My son is a little older (just turned 6), but has been listening to audiobooks for a few years.

For younger kids, with shorter attention spans, I know that Disney has a series of books on CD (with the chimes for turning the page) that are relatively cheap. Usually based on their movies, like Cars and Monsters Inc. which gives you limited selection.

Longer books that we enjoy on CD: all the Ramona/Beezus/Henry Huggins books by Beverly Cleary, James and the Giant Peach, BFG (GREAT voices), Magic Treehouse books, Ghosthunter books by Cornelia Funke, and the Junie B. Jones books.

We are lucky that our library stocks so many great audio books, and most of the cases say what ages they are appropriate for.

Toddler Audio Books OptionsGood Questions | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
7/20/10 02:16 PM

I was at a huge concert on a lawn a few summers ago, where there were lots of kids running around. I saw one mom had written her child's name and phone number on her daughter's arm with a sharpie. (The girl was 2 or 3 maybe?) I thought that was pretty clever parenting on the fly.

Safety Tat | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
7/7/10 11:02 PM

The Boxcar Children was my favorite as a kid. I've only ever read the first one, but my 6yo loved it and we'll be checking out more from the series this summer.

I can't wait for him to be ready for Harry Potter. I think we probably have another year to wait before it's not over his head.

This isn't a "classic" series but he seems interested in the Percy Jackson stories and Greek mythology in general.

Summer Reading: Great Book Series for the Whole Family | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
6/18/10 11:27 AM

Love it! Reminds me that I should let me son make forts when he wants to, even though it creates a huge mess and a living room that is almost impossible to navigate. He won't be interested in making forts forever...

Couch Cushion Architecture: A Critical Analysis Build LLC | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
6/10/10 04:09 PM

Correction - the movie was called "Good Boy" not "Good Dog." Made my son laugh out loud quite a bit!

The Red BalloonMovie Night | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
6/9/10 04:04 PM

We do movie night every other Friday night. My son knows when it's coming and is excited every time. And it's great for the grown ups because after a long week at work, on Friday night we just want to chill.

I have to admit that we've watched a lot of bad movies (think every straight-to-DVD cheesy pirate movie), so we're always looking for stuff we ALL want to watch. Recent good ones: Arctic Tale, Princess Bride, Underdog, and Good Dog. When he was younger, Milo and Otis was a fave.

The Red BalloonMovie Night | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
6/9/10 04:00 PM

Look at her web site, she talks about the process and she shows that the wheel part of the ferris wheel is actually a cable spool.

It's probably too big of a DIY project for me, but I wish there was something on a smaller scale. My kid would go nuts for a ferris wheel type contraption to put things in.

Boy's Circus Inspired Bedroom | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
5/13/10 04:25 PM