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Living next to screaming children is an annoyance that has plagued my entire adult life. As an easy-going, forgiving and understanding person I really feel this is one issue I can't tolerate or pass off with a "that's life" or "cry me a river" attitude. It can and should be controlled by the very people who chose to bring these kids into the world and eventually, into neighborhoods where people are trying to LIVE.

I don't have my own children so right off that would seem to indicate I'm not qualified to pass judgment on kids or parents. While it does make the argument a challenge for me it certainly doesn't mean I lack the power of observation, common sense or the ability to know the difference between proper parenting and normal child behavior. It also doesn't mean I was never a child myself, constantly kept under noise control by a normal mother. "Normal", disciplined children do not scream non-stop at the top of their lungs emitting unceasing, ear-splitting screeches for hours, every day, in the backyard of a home in which a parent is supposedly watching after them! I have been with enough children and parents to know this! It might mean constant vigilance or it might be a bother to quiet them for real vs the occasional, lazy "please keep it down" but if you chose to have children, you choose to take on that responsibility. A parent who allows this regularly, no matter what hour of the day, is simply not doing his or her job.

Someone mentioned children being the "center of the universe" to all parents. I get that - I'm that way with my niece's and nephews. A wise parent notices this attitude in themselves and realizes it doesn't exempt them from properly disciplining their children. In fact a wise parent knows that unrealistic worship of their children might be blinding them, making it hard to see their children as others do. I have witnessed wise parents and well-behaved children my entire life. Short of being deaf I can only harshly judge the parents of screaming children as doing their child a major disservice by not ensuring they have consideration for other people, especially their own neighbors. We live here too and we have a right to NORMAL noise pollution in our surroundings.

If you have kids that play in the backyard (which I too applaud as healthy behavior unless you're simply throwing the disturbance outside for your own benefit) and especially if you have gotten complaints, really listen to their decibel level. Walk down the street or go outside and try to imagine you were the person next door who either works at home during the day (as I do) or works a night shift and has to sleep during the day. If you have any decency you'll do this. If you're truly a considerate person but think it's out of your control, try not saying "please"!!

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