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Beautiful. I love the new fabric!

Before & After: From Old Armchair to Gorgeous Glider
11/21/13 11:55 AM

Wow! Such a beautiful transformation!
In reference to previous comments- Yes, people use the separate sinks. My parents had one incorporated into their new kitchen. They're called "prep" sinks. They're used to keep food & dishwashing separated and Mom uses both for those purposes.
As a side note...such a sweet little baby face, she is the star of that blog- so cute!

Before & After: Kari's Modern Kitchen Makeover
11/15/13 11:48 AM

You're getting a free stay. Stop treating your host like a hotel. Want control of the thermostat & maid service? Feel free to stay at the Marriott. Next you'll complain that you're allergic to dogs so I should board mine while you're here!
With that said, we stopped staying overnight at my in-laws because they had a horrible antique mattress that was ultra "charming" unless you had you sleep on it. There was no box springs so it'd sink in the middle and envelope you. If more than one person slept on it at the same time, one ended up on top of another. My husband thought that this arrangement was not altogether bad. We bought them a new mattress. They donated it because they "didn't need it". They have a large family. Coincidence? ;)

The One Thing Your Holiday Houseguests Won't Tell You
11/11/13 12:57 PM

Portlandrules -That's good advice and all very true.

2013 Flea Market Guide: Coast to Coast
4/22/13 09:36 AM

Could not agree more. We live on a corner lot with a 4 foot fence. Our kids play in the yard and we interract with the neighbors. All of the other kids in the neighborhood play in their backyard surrounded with tall privacy fences. We rarely see them. We hear them when we're out for walks but we can't invite ourselves into their backyards. At the annual 4th of July bike parade, kids flow out of the neighborhood on to 1 street. For the past 7 years, my husband & I have remarked that we can't believe this many kids live in our neighborhood. We NEVER see them except during the bike parade! They are also "scheduled kids" with dual income parents, they leave early in the morning for school when their parents go to work, they have after school care and return home with their parents or after dark. On the weekends, they have scheduled sports and other activities. I've heard about our neighborhood from some of the old-timers that back in the 40's & 50's it was full of kids who played all over. An older women owned a Kid's Boutique and she said the kids would bike up her store & just come in to visit. There was a Woolworth's next door with a whole floor of toys, she said. My dentist was raised here as a boy and he fondly remembers cycling with his buddies all over the neighborhood and down to the river to play. Oh, I wish I could transport us back in time! I wish for that childhood for my kids but I am not sure it exists anymore.

The #1 Reason for Hanging Out, Out Front
4/17/13 09:46 AM

Or better yet, come over & help me sort their closet. Please, I'm begging you!

Simple Sorting Trick For Closet Cleanouts

4/12/13 12:02 PM

OK, now do a post on how to deal with my 4 kids' closets!

Simple Sorting Trick For Closet Cleanouts

4/12/13 12:02 PM

Having been on the other side of the equation...if you chose to rent the apt with those cabinets & they're perfectly functional though not your style, why should the landlord replace them? We used to own a building in a historic area of our city. We owned the building but lived on just the bottom 2 floors and rented the upper 2 apartments. 1 of our renters was awesome. The other, spoiled. She rented the biggest apartment and was thrilled with her low rent. A couple of months in, she wanted new cabinets. They were ugly pine cabinets but perfectly functional (I'd personally lived in that apt when we first bought the building & a renter was still in a lease downstairs so I can say they were 70's ugly but functional) Why should've I replaced them for her?
She would come home in the middle of the night with whatever guy she'd picked up that night and well, I'd rather forget that...that was especially lovely the night my husband had the stomach bug and we were up all night dealing with that while listening to her & her newest friend loudly getting their passion on over our bedroom. YUCK. Then, when we sold the building, she was so mad that we sold it to someone who was converting it into a single family home and she was going to lose her sweet deal on rent that she started throwing all of our mail in the trashcan.

Landlords: The Good, Bad, and the Bizarre
3/14/13 03:25 PM

Pi, That is nice, in theory. When you're the stay at home parent, at least you're in the home and the kids are supervised, even if you are in bed. It'd be nice if the other spouse (in our case, Daddy) could take the day off to take care of everyone but it is not feasible unless you're with a company that has unlimited sick days & we've never seen one of those! The spouse working outside the home usually needs to reserve their sick days from work for days that they cannot drag themselves out of bed. When you're a stay at home parent, you really rely on the other spouse's income.

Mommy's Not Allowed to Get Sick: How to Be Sick When You Can't Call in Sick
1/22/13 11:37 AM

"In a perfect world, we'd all spend weeks hand crafting one-of-a-kind multi-denominational holiday cards out of recycled paper, coffee grounds and gluten free macaroni. But let's get real."

Bahahaha! True.
As an observation here ,it seems the people who hate receiving photo cards of kids only are the people who don't have kids. It also seems that the people that think that their cards should be hand-signed and hand-addressed probably don't have kids because they'd be laughing hysterically at the thought of that.
And yet...noone has made a single comment about the photo above. This new photo style that places Mom's & Dad's crotches as the focal point along with little Johnny are the ultimate awkward family photos

Burning Question for Parents: Do You Put Yourself in Your Holiday Photo Card?
12/9/12 10:54 PM

My kids are 11, 9, 4 & 10 mos. These are tried & true for all of my kids over the yrs.:

Lego anything

This drill "game":

This cash register:

Tell Us...the Best Gifts for Toddlers?
12/6/12 09:33 PM

I do the kids alone in our Christmas card. I don't like most photos of myself and who would take the photo, anyhow?! On a side-note, this new style of taking photos of children standing by their parents, lopping off the parents heads in the photo (as shown above)...I don't get it. Who wants photos with their crotches as the focal point?

Burning Question for Parents: Do You Put Yourself in Your Holiday Photo Card?
12/5/12 05:26 PM

So, does your husband like it because I don't see a single sports thing! ;)

Jake's Happy Hodgepodge My Room
9/20/12 05:23 PM

We have a merry go round at ours. This post seems to evoke the word 'painfully' quite a bit in the comments. It's beautiful but I suspect the kiddos wear pants on those slides. I remember losing the 1st couple of layers of skin on the bottoms of my thighs on slides like those back in the 70's! ;) I agree with the Teletubbie comment!

An Amazing Australian Playground
9/12/12 10:57 AM

Ha! ClickChick, Me too! Grew up on a farm in a small town in Virginia that my family has lived in since the 1600's. I couldn't wait to leave that town. Now, I'd love to get back & give my kids that childhood. Horses, rabbits, swimming in the river, boating & roaming 90 acres as freely as I chose!

Looking Back: How to Talk to Your Kids About Moving
8/7/12 11:13 PM

We're planning a move & have been talking about it. Our 4 yr old was very uncomfortable w/ the idea. Upon further discussion, she thought we were leaving our home to live nowhere, no other home. After she got comfortable with the idea of leaving this house for another (better) home with more yard, she wanted to make sure we were bringing Daddy!

Looking Back: How to Talk to Your Kids About Moving
8/7/12 11:08 PM

My thoughts exactly, Lolax. She might even, actually, LIKE (gasp) her little brother. Wouldn't that be so strange?!

A Monochromatic Room for Siblings My Room
8/2/12 07:48 PM

He owes his neighbors nothing. It's not a new problem. When we lived in the Fan in Richmond, VA there was a huge hoopla about a Victorian painted a myriad of happy colors (the main being purple, if I remember correctly) People were in such an uproar. There was also a house in the Fan that had signs all over the yard about salvation through Jesus ala Howard Finster style. So many were offended by the sentiment and the style (dubbed an eyesore) but I thought both were charming. Previously, I lived in a neighborhood that had an HOA. I snuck out at night & painted my garage door & front door an unauthorized color (the only colors allowed were straight off an Army base!) I was hoping they wouldn't notice my teal and, gratefully, noone did. I also snuck plants into the landscaping out front when everyone was at work. I will never live somewhere again that doesn't give me free reign of my own property. I've noticed that most people love freedom until someone does something different than what they'd do.

Neighborhood Etiquette: When Personal Style Becomes Public
7/31/12 02:54 PM

"it'd be the MOST aesthetically pleasing." Sorry, I'm typing w/ a writhing baby in my arms and skipping words. oops.

Pink Quandaries: What Color to Paint
a Toy Mower?

7/27/12 11:32 AM

That is a really cool mower. I'd stop worrying about your philosophical quandary. Don't get me wrong, I'm all about women overcoming stereotypes. I got a BFA insisting on a woodworking & metalsmithing emphasis instead of jewelry & textiles. This woman can operate a table saw & hammer sheets of metals into bowls w/ the best of them. That's not where I am happiest, though. I didn't feel like I "found myself" until I had my first kid when I was 28 yrs old. Now, I am a stay at home Mom to 4 kids and homeschool. I am happiest nuzzling my little ones on the couch and making our home aesthetically pleasing for our family (we may even have a little pink thrown in for good measure, God forbid!) Honestly, when did it become horrible to be a woman in a traditional role & when did pink become a color girl should abhor lest they fall into the dreaded traditional role? Make her happy & paint it pink or do what I'd do and just poly it because that is how it'd be the aesthetically pleasing.

Pink Quandaries: What Color to Paint
a Toy Mower?

7/27/12 11:29 AM