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I have an iDivide StudioWall (http://www.idividewalls.com/idividewalls_020_002.htm) in my apartment right now and it is fantastic! It's perfect for my alcove studio as it separates the bed nook from the rest of the apartment and is sleek and stylish. I highly recommend it!

Contemporary Room Dividers: Modular, Folding & Fabric
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3/9/11 05:46 PM

For semi-translucent room dividers, check out our products over at iDivide - www.idividewalls.com - we have multiple styles and colors and you can combine the translucent and opaque panels to achieve the level of privacy that works for you.

Semitranslucent Room Dividers: Separating Space without Confining It
9/30/10 04:40 PM

Looks fantastic! I would definitely buy one (or three).

Apartment Therapy New York | Translucent Room Divider System by Dan Forlenza Design Showcase 2009#comments
8/20/09 04:48 PM