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My dad used to have a policy: Either I clean my room, or he will. If he cleaned it, it meant that he threw away all of my stuff, which was my greatest fear.

I'm still a packrat to some degree, but I have also used this rule with my husband, who is much, much worse.

Sometimes I just take all the receipts and scraps of paper he has left everywhere and dump them in a pile on his pillow. He gets the message.

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9/23/09 03:27 PM

I have pared down my collection of frog figurines to the bare minimum. And my husband is threatening to get rid of me if I bring home any more Boston Terrier artwork.

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9/4/09 03:00 PM

I would love it if she would tell us the color of those blue/green walls. Very calming and serene.

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8/20/09 03:27 PM