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P.s. I'm one of those people who love birds and I'm not ashamed to have several bird paintings in my home :)

How Do You Deal with Design Trends?
1/19/12 12:36 PM

I try not to follow trends. I either love something or don't. I'm not saying I've never seen something on AT and absolutely had to go out and buy it. It's just that I don't bring things into my home because it's in. I buy what I love and if millions of other people love it too that's fine. I don't immediately think, OMG I've got to find the next hot thing.

How Do You Deal with Design Trends?
1/19/12 12:34 PM

Oooh! Super purty!

Before & After: Beautiful Breakfast Nook Transformation
Better Homes and Gardens

1/19/12 10:10 AM

Love that shower curtain. Where'd you get it?

Sarah's Former High School Flame Home
House Call

1/11/12 12:29 PM

I love Sarah but I'm definitely not feeling this at all. Way too cliched. I expect more from a designer of her caliber.

And Rachel, please change the word from "recluse" to "refuge" as suggested by others.

Sarah Richardson's Holiday Country House
Canadian House & Home

11/30/11 05:34 PM

Allison this is hilarious as are all the posts. Love. And love Ryan too :)

Outfit to Home: Ryan Gosling
11/30/11 05:04 PM

Pass. What will they think of next to pry money from people's pockets....

S[edition] Art: Collect Boldface Artists, Digitally
11/18/11 04:54 AM

Overkill. All of them.

Lovely & Lively Thanksgiving Tablescapes
11/18/11 04:51 AM

@ColoradoMel Lol. So true.

Resort-Like Urban Living: Four Seasons Baltimore
The Baltimore Sun

11/11/11 12:31 AM

I wasn't sure I would like this based on the first pics. I'm just not that into modern/contempo styling but Sabrina, this place is awesome! Great job! and as for @WandaR, look this isn't your apartment, it's Sabrina's and she is arranging her bed to suit her tastes. That doesn't mean she is opposed to looking outside. If she did she would live in a hole somewhere not in an apartment with huge windows and that have little window dressings.

Sabrina Soto's Penthouse Pops with Color
House Tour

11/4/11 10:02 AM

Great idea! I have also been saving the numerous ribbons that my office uses for their innumerable party invitations.

Holiday Prep: Reuse Produce Netting For Fun Packaging

11/1/11 08:27 PM

I'm so incredibly sick of everyone "mourning" over Steve Jobs. Yes, I own Apple products, but I didn't know this man personally so his death did not leave me filled with distress as it so obviously did everyone else on this planet. Goodness, I figured since I'm not on the tech site I'd be able to get away from all this Jobs obsession, but somehow we've managed to insert him into one of my favorite blogs. People die. We all will at some point. But I hate when we act so heartbroken over people we don't even know. I find it upsetting and super fake. There. I've said my piece.

Growing up Eichler: Steve Jobs and His Childhood Home

10/29/11 12:00 PM

I've also added vinegar to water and had great results. Got that tip from a fellow customer at a big box store.

Hot Tip: Use Bucket Of Water To Remove New Paint Smell
10/29/11 11:48 AM


Classically Serene: The New Traditional
10/27/11 07:20 PM

Swoon. Jenn, you are a beauty and so is your house :) You remind me of my favorite blonde electrician.

Jenn's Eclectic Industrial Modern Italianate
House Tour

10/24/11 08:39 PM

I actually prefer grocery shopping more than I do cooking. It's especially fun when its the type of store that carry specialty items like my local coop, farmers' market, whole foods or trader joes! My favorite time to shop is after 10 p.m. It's like a ghost town at the regular chain stores.

Cook to Cook: Do You Enjoy Grocery Shopping?
10/24/11 07:59 PM

Laura, I love yellow and orange too! That's what I've got going on in my living/dining area. Really nice job on this one!

Laura's "Sunny Days" Living Room
10/24/11 04:27 PM

I also love the orange painting and how you put that large painting behind the TV.

Debbie's "Dramatic Sky" Living Room
10/24/11 04:25 PM

Hey neighbor! I heart the quirky, community of Greenbelt and love visiting the movie theatre. I also love turquoise. It's one of my favorite colors.

Debbie's "Dramatic Sky" Living Room
10/24/11 04:24 PM

Forget the table, that chair is awesome!

A $69 IKEA Table Makeover of Marvelous Proportions

10/24/11 04:19 PM