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GTA V Is truly an amazing game. I've never been interested in games until very recently, when an internationally renowned Gaming Festival established itself in my city, and when my bf who is an avid gamer moved in with me. At first I was very put off by the violence, nudity and gore, but quickly became intrigued just by the scope of the world. I found myself wasting hours just wandering around and exploring all the exotic locations and varied activities. The only sad thing is that this being GTA, you'll eventually find yourself on the other side of the law even when minding your own business, so learning how to shoot and steal is a must. FYI, watch out for mountain lions when you leave the city!

10 Offbeat Ways to Enjoy the GTA V World Apartment Therapy Game Room
10/7/13 04:28 PM

If I'm going to hang any quilt in my future house, it'll definitely be one of these


Wall Decoration Idea: Hang Quilts Instead of Canvases
10/1/13 06:59 PM

Also, something smells fishy with the company since I own a few of those patterns myself, and I bought them from Rollerwall/Un-Wallpaper back in 2009. For them to say that "we created all the designs based on what our clients requested and what we would use in our own home." when those patterns are exactly the ones being sold by Rollerwall doesn't sound right.


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8/27/13 04:38 PM

I've been using these since 2009 to paint flats in Film School, since we're not allowed to wallpaper them. They work well for flats, but for actual walls it's painful, to say the least. Besides making sure you have the discipline to keep the roller straight going up a wall (the company I bought them from provided a laser level for free with the purchase. Helped only a little) you have to make sure the sponge roller is consistently full of paint. Otherwise by the time you get to the end of the wall, you can see that the pattern begins to fade. Also, if you're short like me and can't reach the top of the wall... well you're out of luck since the roller handle can't attach to a pole. I agree with previous commenters that the rollers are good for small projects. For actual walls save your money and sanity and use a stencil.

Below is my first (and last) attempt at using rollerwall on an actual wall. Now I just use it to paint furniture or wall panels.


Have since painted it over....

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8/27/13 04:02 PM