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These rooms might have light, but if it's coming from a northern exposure, it will not be a bright room. I am going through this now as I choose paint colors for my condo. In my case I just don't have enough windows to paint my rooms white or cream. I agree that you need a lot of light for them to look beautiful. In darker rooms, color is a good thing.

How To Pick a Perfect Paint Color for a Low Light Room
4/7/14 03:50 PM

Yes, I felt the same way, except my moment came doing the final walkthrough after moving out of the house where my daughter had spent her first 3 years. I decorated her room when she was born, and when she was about 18mo, I completely re-decorated it.
For fun. Leaving it made me crumble into a soggy mess of tears.
As she has grown, she has initiated re-decorating and I love that she enjoys that as much as I do. I like changing things up with her. She has a great eye!

Growing Up a Room: Why Is It So Hard To Move On?
8/27/13 02:57 PM