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I'd walk a lot further, but right now I'm fortunate to be a 1/2 mile from my work. So a 10 minute commute and the ability to go home on my lunch hour has been simply amazing for the last 2 years.

What's The Longest Bike or Walk Commute You'd Consider?
7/11/13 02:43 PM

I don't see a picture of a dishwasher - just cabinet organizers

Sophie and Michael's Beautiful 'Discontinued' Oak Kitchen Kitchen Tour
5/30/13 05:58 PM

Be aware that using alcohol to clean your screen can damage or remove the oleophobic coating that Apple puts on to reduce fingerprints.

How To Safely Clean Your Cellphone Apartment Therapy Tutorials
2/27/13 12:25 PM

What started as a 365 photo blog (based off of my old sony cell phone) became a 5 year blogging project and a sincere photography hobby. 5 cameras later I'm still posting, although they are now usually larger posts with multiple photos rather than simply one a day.

The advent of Instagram has definitely made posting photos on a regular basis easier as well - and I'm happy to be able to incorporate a gallery of those snaps along with my more serious photos.

Are You Doing a 365 Photo Project?
1/3/13 12:50 PM

I think it would be easy enough to hang things on the walls without worrying about holes.
Putting book cases up could break up some of the monotony of the color as well.

I'd have fun with home entertainment equipment, speakers, tv, etc., if my walls were carpeted.

Ideas for Decorating New Apartment with Dark Blue Carpet on the Walls? Good Questions
12/17/12 04:05 PM

I adore my Jonathan Adler Fox in midnight http://www.jonathanadler.com/Fox/?initial=7570&cat=462

Trendspotting: Foxes Are the New Owls
12/11/12 02:21 PM

Something like these http://www.amazon.com/Wiremold-C210-White-Cordmate-Kit/dp/B00004W3ZQ/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1354040365&sr=8-2&keywords=cable+hiding could help route cables around the right-hand edge of your built-in. You might need some cable extensions in order to do it cleanly, but these kinds of moldings will probably be your best bet.

Ideas for Cable-Hiding Conundrum? Good Questions
11/27/12 01:20 PM

RIFFRAFFA - the big difference is that THEFORCE's projector is 180x brighter than the brookstone projector, and 135x brighter than the Optoma. The projectors listed here are too weak for any kind of outdoor viewing.

Mini Smartphone Projectors: Bringing Movies To a Backyard Near You
8/15/12 07:30 PM

I agree that the projectors suggested are incredibly under powered for outdoor use. The optoma projector you listed has a native resolution of 854x480, meaning you won't get anything close to HD picture out of it, regardless of the screen size.

Mini Smartphone Projectors: Bringing Movies To a Backyard Near You
8/15/12 12:20 PM

Like Snowlet said - the knots are held in place, counter-sunk inside the beam.

Drill through the beam with a smaller drill bit all the way through to string the rope through.
Then use a slightly bigger bit and drill about 1/3 of the way through on the bottom. Knot the rope and it will hide inside the beam.

How To Make CB2 Catalog Chandelier? Good Questions
4/26/12 12:07 PM

What's the media console in the first picture?

Use Super Size Walls Murals To Reduce the Presence of Large TVs
3/30/12 12:03 PM

A great addition to my photo-app colloection

Easily Create Mesmerizing Cinemagraphs With Flixel Daily Tech Find
3/29/12 04:35 PM

Use them to make this

Align, Affix, & Admire: New Mosaic Wall Decals from Znak
2/9/12 07:26 PM

I've found it best to keep my thermostat on at a mild temperature (62ยบ) during the evenings before I go to bed. My space heater in the bedroom keeps the room toasty without wasting the energy to heat the rest of the apartment at night. I'm projecting my bill to be not quite 1/2 of what it was last month by making this change.
I use a Lasko 6221 and it works pretty well for its size.

The Best Space Heaters

1/10/12 12:01 AM

A Geneva Hi-Fi is a very generous GIFT, not a stocking stuffer by any stretch (unless you have a HUGE stocking)

Playful & Practical Home Office Stocking Stuffers
12/14/11 12:12 PM

The Philips ambiled 60w replacement is perfect and cots $25 on sale at Home Depot. It's a bit finicky with my electronic dimmer, but on a regular switch it's been great. Definitely softer than any CFL I've used.

Would You Pay $25 for an LED Lightbulb?
10/18/11 04:11 PM

Or use an all-in-one PC/iMac

The Bookshelf *Is The Computer
10/18/11 02:32 PM

Agreed. Much better by city separately. Even if there are fewer items than previously, it's easier to look at when they're split up.

The Daily Scavenger: Western Edition
10/11/11 01:38 PM

I had my replacement parts within a week of speaking to LM on the phone - they fit and everything is great.

CarrieL - if you went though amazon I would suggest using the A to Z claim to get your money back if you haven't already. That's the only reason I was willing to order from them given the polarizing reviews by "real people" (not counting Amazon & Ebay's positive feedback)

Lexington Modern – Designer Furniture & Fried Chicken?
Good Questions

10/3/11 04:23 PM

The mirrors are from IKEA I believe - http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/60182059

Treasures: Jerid and Jesse's Bedroom Collection
9/20/11 07:16 PM