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We stay home all day and have long winters here in Seattle, jamesisme and mamamaqc, thus the decision to dedicate the large rooms in our home to play. Our children share a bedroom upstairs. Our kids also raise money for charity every birthday year in lieu of presents because yes, I won't even try to pretend like they aren't spoiled with the playroom! We love it - and I don't know that it's wrong to convert a family room to a playroom if you have the space. We are lucky enough to have the space - and that is how we chose to use it. :)

Before & After: Family Room Turned Dream Playroom
8/27/13 10:10 PM

To answer a few more questions:

The before photos were taken by a professional real estate photographer with specialized wider angle lenses. I am not a photographer, and the only lens I have is a portrait lens, so I simply can't get the same shots from the same locations. I know it's not ideal, but it's the best I could do! :)

And I totally agree about carpet being ugly - hahaha. It so is. But it's really functional for little crawling knees and cushioning tumbles for now. The original floors were Pergo - at some point when the kiddos are older, like ensuenos mentioned, we'll likely put wood in. Oh, and for what it's worth - we've had no trouble keeping the light colored carpet clean (at least not so far).

Before & After: Family Room Turned Dream Playroom
8/27/13 03:50 PM

Thank you so much for the feature, Carrie!

To answer a few questions -

The pirate ship and more of the playroom can be seen by clicking through Carrie's link to our blog "Fun at Home with Kids"

We have no plans on moving anytime soon, thus the extreme customization. :)

The wood walls were actually in terrible shape - I agree - if they were lovely I would have left them. The previous tenants had dogs that had scratched and chewed most of it. I spent about 5 hours patching all the damage with wood putty prior to painting...

Before & After: Family Room Turned Dream Playroom
8/27/13 11:16 AM