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Hiya I found a lovely old chair on the side of the road...needs a full-on once over. I had a quote of $1000 just for the upholstery... that's with me doing the wood work. I'm either going to do a course in upholstery or keep searching till I find a better price. Definitely keep it:-)

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5/19/14 10:07 PM

The ikea lack tables could be spaced a few feet apart and put a piece of plywood across the top of them as a bench seat and use the tables for storage...maybe even put tables on their side and have a mini bookshelves. You could put cushions on the plywood if you want to sit on it.

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5/9/14 05:44 PM

love the yellow table

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1/15/14 04:08 PM

Hi Paula, I collect timber vintage frames from op shops then re-use them when I get a print to fit. Timber is perfect because you can paint it to suit your image. Also heaps cheaper to get used ones. They also last longer and look much better than new my opinion. Good luck:-)

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1/14/14 06:27 PM

Hi there I just did a similar thing..I had to clear out a storage container of beautiful antiques in 2 days. I made some mistakes. In a panic I gave a load of really good stuff to St Vincent De Paul then I found out that there was an auction house 2 mins away. Had I of known I would have called them first. I stil would have given heaps to Vinnies but the really good stuff I would have preferred to sell off to recoup my costs of 8 years of storage.

The auction place sold everything at bottom I learnt from that I could have set a reserve price. Doh. Live and learn. Good luck I hope you do well.

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10/16/13 05:34 PM


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9/24/13 07:05 AM