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This cat looks so much like my cat I took a second take - what is Macie doing on AT!!!?
Maybe hot chili pepper powder diluted in water sprayed on plants. Works for bugs.....

My Cats Are Eating My Succulents! Help? Good Questions
7/30/14 06:22 PM

I like to add a splash of vanilla extract - I assume other extracts might also be tasty. Not much calories for a slightly flavored water.

What Else Can I Make With a Sodastream Soda Maker? Good Questions
7/28/14 08:05 PM

My daughter would love this. If only Susie Sheep could come over!

Muddy Puddles and Dinosaurs? A Real Life Peppa Pig Bedroom
7/21/14 01:48 PM

I've seen some How to's for cleaning older brick, some brightens up quite a bit. you may want to test some of those tricks in an out of the way spot to see if it makes a difference for you.

Before & After: A Quick & Simple Update for an Outdated Bookcase
6/16/14 04:52 PM

I always picture dusty owls hanging on some forgotten basement wall :)

Make It: DIY Fiber Wall Art
6/12/14 12:28 PM

Look at the EWG stuff on sunscreen - yikes.

We like Badger - not the convenience of spray but feel safe with what we're putting on our daughter's skin.

Essentials for Taking Your Baby Beachside
6/11/14 08:57 PM

We use a good wool rug under our breakfast table (medium tones) and it has proved to be toddler proof so far - and she's 3!

Before & After: Builder-Grade Basics Get Beautiful
5/28/14 06:54 PM

Craigslist Tip! I've bought tables before and hated the chairs. I'm sure I will again.
In that case, since I've borrowed a truck (thanks dad!) anyway, I drive them by Goodwill on my way home. This is assuming the seller won't keep them, which in my experience has not been the case.
Seller = relieved of Table + Chairs, recipient of money
Buyer = New table + Big donation receipt!

Before & After: A Heavy, Outdated Dining Table Turns Sleek and Modern
5/12/14 04:27 PM

Yes - the cerusing from the other day!

Would look great with your colors

Ideas for Updating Antique Oak Table? Good Questions
5/5/14 01:31 PM

Hi Meindert,
I find it needs a big pot so that it doesn't dry out between waterings. I put it in wide pots at least 1 gallon with rich soil and keep it wet and it's pretty happy!

The Dos & Don'ts of Growing Mint
4/28/14 01:21 PM

I love this! I headed over to craigslist and found THAT TABLE. Doh. I wish I needed another dining table. Must...use...restraint...

Before & After: Kristi Tries a New Technique: Cerusing
4/23/14 11:58 AM

I loved this show! To be a truly sexy experience, it would have to be to see them unstaged, as our Rumspringa-ing friend did. What was on their nightstands!?

Are Our House Tours Better Than Sex?
2/18/14 01:23 PM

Not ready!

DIY Room Decor: Make Your Own
Macrame Curtain
A Beautiful Mess

2/12/14 03:50 PM

Image blah = Images 4 & 7? :)

10 Stylish Kitchens with Stainless Steel Countertops
2/6/14 01:04 PM

I have Swedish finish floors and the flooring guy recommended vinegar - so remember it depends on your finish. His explanation is that any waxy buildup diminishes the main benefit of Swedish finishes - the ability to spot repair the finish or add another layer of finish if need be. 10 years on they still look very nice!

Best Tips for Cleaning Hardwood Floors
2/3/14 12:45 PM

Hey, you fixed the shelves!

Dabney’s Cure: A Clean, Organized Basement
1/31/14 06:24 PM

My daughter just outgrew taking her stuffed bunny and "woobie" to daycare but her teacher had a neat trick. The soft toy friends sat meals out behind her in her chair.
Now that they're home bodies again we only wash them like another commenter mentioned above, when they come in contact with the nasties!

How To Clean Stuffed Animals
1/17/14 08:20 PM

Does anyone know the brand of that refrigerator? I have an older US home and the place for the refrigerator is too small for current US fridges!

How They Do Small in Sweden:
Big Ideas from a Little Loft

1/10/14 02:58 PM

Just a quick thought - I have "wobbly" shelves much like these (from home depot) and mine all have a bottom shelf near the floor in addition to the uppers. That and a level floor make these super stable for me. Are you sure you have these put together correctly? :)

Dabney’s Cure Project: Meet My Basement Liveblogging the January Cure 2014
1/8/14 05:23 PM

side to side - WTF top to bottom?!

Do You Eat an Apple Side-to-Side or Top-to-Bottom?
12/19/13 03:48 PM