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I love this! I headed over to craigslist and found THAT TABLE. Doh. I wish I needed another dining table. Must...use...restraint...

Before & After: Kristi Tries a New Technique: Cerusing
4/23/14 11:58 AM

I loved this show! To be a truly sexy experience, it would have to be to see them unstaged, as our Rumspringa-ing friend did. What was on their nightstands!?

Are Our House Tours Better Than Sex?
2/18/14 01:23 PM

Not ready!

DIY Room Decor: Make Your Own
Macrame Curtain
A Beautiful Mess

2/12/14 03:50 PM

Image blah = Images 4 & 7? :)

10 Stylish Kitchens with Stainless Steel Countertops
2/6/14 01:04 PM

I have Swedish finish floors and the flooring guy recommended vinegar - so remember it depends on your finish. His explanation is that any waxy buildup diminishes the main benefit of Swedish finishes - the ability to spot repair the finish or add another layer of finish if need be. 10 years on they still look very nice!

Best Tips for Cleaning Hardwood Floors
2/3/14 12:45 PM

Hey, you fixed the shelves!

Dabney’s Cure: A Clean, Organized Basement
1/31/14 06:24 PM

My daughter just outgrew taking her stuffed bunny and "woobie" to daycare but her teacher had a neat trick. The soft toy friends sat meals out behind her in her chair.
Now that they're home bodies again we only wash them like another commenter mentioned above, when they come in contact with the nasties!

How To Clean Stuffed Animals
1/17/14 08:20 PM

Does anyone know the brand of that refrigerator? I have an older US home and the place for the refrigerator is too small for current US fridges!

How They Do Small in Sweden:
Big Ideas from a Little Loft

1/10/14 02:58 PM

Just a quick thought - I have "wobbly" shelves much like these (from home depot) and mine all have a bottom shelf near the floor in addition to the uppers. That and a level floor make these super stable for me. Are you sure you have these put together correctly? :)

Dabney’s Cure Project: Meet My Basement Liveblogging the January Cure 2014
1/8/14 05:23 PM

side to side - WTF top to bottom?!

Do You Eat an Apple Side-to-Side or Top-to-Bottom?
12/19/13 03:48 PM

We always had oranges, nuts, and a candy cane tucked in with the toys. Nice slow food for that week lol.

10 Practical Stocking Stuffers Your Kids Will Use Year Round
12/9/13 05:25 PM

Hot and boozy! Just how I likes 'em!

10 Hot & Boozy Drinks to Get Cozy With This Winter
12/2/13 04:30 PM

That Sink that Sink! OMG that sink.

Built for Two: Inspiration for Bathrooms with Double Sinks
11/26/13 04:05 PM

Where's Ugly Betty's desk? I'm sure it's hiding out here somewhere :)

Alison Brod PR's Park Avenue Pad Creative Workspace
11/19/13 01:04 PM

I was breastfeeding and my daughter was sensitive to milk in my diet so I had to switch to almond milk for a time. I gotta say, it tastes better than the real deal with many cereals!

Why I Stopped Drinking Almond Milk & Went Back to Regular Milk Instead
11/13/13 05:54 PM

I ask my toddler not to yell at me as she insists on a snack and a water!

Morning Routine: What's the First Thing You Do When You Wake Up?
10/22/13 01:47 PM

When I was little one of my favorite books was "The Little House" and this sweet house reminds me of that.

Home Histories: How To Discover Who Used to Live in Your Home
10/15/13 02:55 PM

lol jess13 - long live princess bride!

10 Epic Photobombs From Our Tours
9/19/13 11:16 AM

Grilled and in tacos with other grilled veg from your garden. Yum!!

10 Things to Do with Zucchini When You've Lost All Hope Recipes from The Kitchn
9/10/13 02:04 AM

Very enlightening :)

Paola Navone Collection Launches Today Exclusively at Crate and Barrel
9/9/13 08:28 PM