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If anyone is looking for handmade/hand painted pretty key racks (reasonable price as well!) that would add to decor do check out this link :

For unusal unique art work:

There is other stuff too but these are the 2 that I thought of while reading this article.
Hope this helps!

Apartment Essentials: 5 Items to Carry From Your First Apartment To Your Last
9/19/13 04:21 PM

The only concern I have you have hindu goddess Laxmi in your pictures...she is goddess of wealth. You may not be aware of it..maybe that's way its on display with the rest of the other random pictures .

Paint Color Portfolio: Emerald Green Living Rooms
9/19/13 04:05 PM

I had one more question..."Color Reference Drawers, Land of Nod ($99)"...isn't this for kids? I've never used Nod this shelf for kids only? Can these be used as regular drawers to file our stuff? Could you please confirm this for me?

I'm really wanting to change the look of my place and yours is an inspiring design/collection.

Darling Double Desk Design:
Modern Pastels Back to School 2013

8/27/13 06:41 AM

I love the way you've put things together! my apartment is very small..and a long desk for 2 people. My husband and I prefer to sit next to each other and work on our laptops. :o)
I had questions for you...will this work for 2 adults? Aesthetically does it look when laptops, speakers go on this table with black wires all around? Do you have any tips for hiding the black wires? Each time...what I have witnessed is that my wires kill the look of the entire space. :(

I'm in the field of I'm naturally surrounded with minimum 2 machines, 1printer/fax, wireless speakers...and nothing is white (I wish it was picture perfect...but its not)...any tips?

Darling Double Desk Design:
Modern Pastels Back to School 2013

8/27/13 05:26 AM