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I have a lot of Echeverias, the succulents you have in your wagon, and I used to keep them indoors, but they all etiolated! Etiolation is when the succulents do not get enough sunlight and they start growing long and stretching out in search of sun. In my opinion, when this happens they get quite ugly. Just make sure your succulents have plenty of sunlight to keep this from happening and you'll be fine.

Did I Buy The Right Plants? A Plant Killer Starts Over
5/6/11 01:04 AM

I have a question that's totally off-subject. Where is that beautiful red pillow from? I love it!

Some Things I've Learned So Far
A Year in Bed

9/14/10 11:58 PM

Hi John,
I love the cabinets with the see-through doors in your bedroom (especially the orange one!!!). Are those the Malibu Cabinets you were referring to? I searched for "Malibu Cabinets" online, but found nothing except for installed cabinets for kitchens and living rooms - nothing like what you've got in your room. Just like Alison was wondering in the post above, do you know where I could find some Malibu Cabinets in CA?

Artist John Guthrie's Heavenly Haven House Tour | Apartment Therapy Boston
3/25/10 12:54 PM

This is a great house!

Where can I find the rug in your last picture (by the fireplace with a diamond design). It's amazing!

Ann Dabney's Splendid Blended Storefront Conversion House Tour | Apartment Therapy Chicago
2/23/10 04:35 PM

absolutely a-maz-ing.

Stephen Todd's Fantastic Mr. Farmhouse House Tour | Apartment Therapy New York
2/11/10 12:06 AM

i love your plush sushi dolls! where can i find some of my own?

Catherine Christofer's 1930's Budget Colonial House Tour | Apartment Therapy Boston
2/10/10 03:16 AM

nicely done! i adore the the quilted fabric runner on your dresser. now i gotta find a way to make one!

A Bright Beautiful Bungalow From An Ohio Trio House Tour | Apartment Therapy Chicago
12/12/09 01:14 AM

oh thank you, thank you!

Moses and Jamie's Whimsical Modern House Tour | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
12/11/09 02:53 AM

I keep checking this page in hopes that jamie or moses respond with the name & brand of that grey paint color, but no new news! please help!

Moses and Jamie's Whimsical Modern House Tour | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
12/7/09 02:07 PM

ditto on all the other grey paint name requests. i have had such bad luck picking out a "perfect grey" and i think you might've found it.

Moses and Jamie's Whimsical Modern House Tour | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
12/2/09 03:08 PM

andrew1978 - Way to open up with the positivity. I think it's time for you to find a new blog. However, good luck finding one that doesn't have posts about Ikea in it.

And is it really so hard to only click on the posts that you care to read about? If you don't like it, don't read it. Then you won't have anything to complain about.

IKEA | Apartment Therapy Chicago
12/2/09 12:56 PM


Apartment Therapy DC | Get it Sold on Craigslist How To
9/29/09 04:58 PM

i LOVE this house. it is my favorite on AT so far. great creativity!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Genevieve and Maxwell's Mid Century PerchHouse Tour
8/30/09 10:41 PM

How do you make your apple computer have that awesome clock desktop? I tried on my MacBook Pro and couldn't figure it out. Please help!

Apartment Therapy New York | The Judges: Sandy Chilewich, Drew Sanocki Tina Roth Eisenberg Design Showcase 2009
8/23/09 01:14 AM

Does anyone know where I can get a white chair like the one at the desk in picture #28 (the one with the metal legs)? I really want one but can't figure out where to get it! Help! :)

Apartment Therapy New York | Maxime Masters a Rental House Tour
8/20/09 01:08 AM

Where is the rattan love seat from? I've seen it in another blog and love it! Anyone recognize it or know where I can get it? Thanks!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Layering Rugs for a Uniform Look
8/18/09 03:57 PM