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If you're going to hang a mirror, why not make it a medicine cabinet to give you a little extra storage. They make them with frames or beveled mirrors so they wouldn't look too "bathroomy".

By the way, I used to have a trinity with a similar layout so I know what a challenge it is. I must say yours looks very nice!

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10/3/08 10:01 AM

I agree with I_Heart_The_Eastside that Shazia should have been the one to go!

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9/23/08 12:27 PM

I live in Philadelphia but was in Boston visiting my sister. On the morning of 9/11, the day I was to return home, she was driving me to Logan Airport when we got the call to turn around. I didn't understand how something in NYC would prevent me from flying home to Philadelphia. We didn't fully understand it for quite a while.

We returned to my sister's house where we sat numbly watching the news. My parents had panicked thinking I was on a plane home.

As it was, it took me almost a week to find a way home. The airlines were closed, trains weren't running through NYC and there were no rental cars to be found. Through sheer luck we found strangers who needed a car returned to Philadelphia. I was able to drive the borrowed car home and return it to it's owners.

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9/11/08 09:40 AM

We bought the LG model two years ago when we moved into our condo. I do NOT recommend it. Even though it saves space and is energy efficient, I've ruined lots of clothes "learning" how to use it.

The washer works great -- the dryer is the problem. It drys clothes by heating them up and wicking off the steam which can be a nightmare with some clothes. Many wrinkles!

Also it's not good at removing lint. If I'm not careful I end up with more lint on my clothes after they've been washed and dried. This is because it doesn't have a lint trap.

The first year we had it, the water hose broke and flooded our condo. It had sprung several leaks. It was repaired for free since it was still under warranty. The second year the heater broke for the dryer and it required several head-scratching trips from the repairman to fix. If you buy one be sure to spring for the extended warranty.

As for me, I'm just using it until our warranty runs out.

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9/5/08 11:22 AM

You don't have to worry about rust if you get stainless steel screws - or so I'm told. I was never able to find any at the hardware store. Instead I just used a little clear nail polish to seal up the head of the screw. Worked fine.

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6/6/08 01:43 PM

You don't need to remove the showerhead. Just douse some paper towels in vinegar and plaster them on. Hold it all together with plastic wrap (or a plastic bag) and tape or a rubber band. Leave it there all night.

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3/7/08 11:32 AM

I have these vases. They're nice but they don't have much room for water. You need to check and refill a lot.

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12/20/07 11:33 AM

I had an ugly fluorescent light in an apartment years ago. I used a chinese paper parasol to cover it up. They're very cheap in asian markets.

I opened it up and cut the handle off it and hung it with string and a paperclip as a hook.

For $8 it was a cost-effective solution and did well to diffuse the light.

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8/6/07 12:58 PM

Chris, rather than re-grouting the floor you might want to consider some grout whitener. It's probably available at Lowes or Home Depot. It goes on like a paint or stain and brightens the grout. You just let it sit and then wipe it off the tiles. I imagine you could seal it then to keep it nice looking.

I had good luck with this in my last house.

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7/30/07 09:38 AM

My husband and I received a set of mid-weight silk charmeuse sheets as a wedding present. I wouldn't have splurged on a set myself but they are quite lovely.

I wash them in the washing machine with a mild detergent and dry them in the dryer on a low temperature setting. Then I make the bed while the sheets are still slightly damp. This takes most of the wrinkles out of them.

I wouldn't say it's ruined us for all other sheets though.

Silk Sheets from Kumi Kookoon
7/25/07 10:55 AM

I had the same issue with a skylight in my last house.

I made a "screen" with wooden canvas stretchers. They're easy to find in art supply stores and come in just about any length.

I stapled Irish hankerchief linen to the frame with a staple gun.You could use any type of fabric you want depending on how much light you want to come through. I hid the staples on the side of the frame that faced the ceiling.

Screwing it into the ceiling is the tricky part and it helps to have another set of hands (or lots of patience).

Good Questions: How Can I Soften the Light Coming Through the Skylight ?
7/25/07 09:18 AM