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We are a Grade B family -- we like the more robust taste. And I'm not sure we've ever had syrup around long enough to have mold form!

5 Surprising Facts About Maple Syrup Maker Tour
4/10/14 12:46 PM

It's going to be a looooong summer! So much for my Moscow Mules!

Have You Noticed That Limes Are Suddenly Crazy Expensive? Ingredient Intelligence
4/10/14 12:41 PM

I've had different variations of the Youngstown metal steel cabinet and sink in the five apartments and homes I've lived in and owned -- double sink/double drainboard, single sink/drainboard, etc. I've loved them in each home. My husband recently painted the huge one in our current home with enamel -- looks really good and high-end!

Should I Refurbish My Vintage Steel Kitchen Cabinets or Buy New Ones? Good Questions
3/26/14 07:50 AM

My husband and I are in our forties and our daughter is 10. We're redoing our bathroom now and we've removed the tub completely and replaced it with a shower with a low curb, planning in advance for old age!

Moving Downstairs: Thinking About Design as We Get Older With 10 Links To Start The Conversation
3/18/14 01:46 PM

My dad came up with a vintage set of stamps for my wedding invitations -- stamps that related to my me and my fiancee. I'm not sure anyone noticed, but he loved doing it and it was very sweet.

Happy Mail: Put Together the Perfect Personal Correspondence Kit
3/6/14 10:00 AM

After washing, I will pop them in the oven for a minute where the residual heat from baking dries them off quickly.

How Do I Clean My New Silpat? Good Questions
2/16/14 08:30 AM

Sharpies in tons of colors. Glitter also in tons of colors. Gold and silver paint pens.

DIY Tools to Live By: Best Crafting Basics
2/12/14 06:05 PM

For the life of me, I can't get a handle on how to organize and store my daughter's craft supplies. I've tried bins, baskets, and boxes, shelves and folders -- everything. It's a disaster just days after I go through and organize it all. Part of me thinks I'll just have to wait it out -- she's only going to want glitter and googly eyes for a few more years. At that point I'll be nostalgic for the mess (I hope).

Buy or DIY: Arts & Crafts Supply Storage
1/28/14 12:30 PM

We've been plugging along at decluttering and cleaning and reorganizing. My goal project is to remake my daughter's old play table into a coffee table -- I need to saw down the legs to the appropriate height, sand, paint a glossy black, and then reassemble.

The Halfway Point!: Project Progress The January Cure: Assignment #11
1/16/14 10:54 AM

Our new mantra at home (or at least it's my mantra): Don't put it down, put it away.

How to Be Your Own Professional Organizer: 10 Top Tips from the Pros
1/16/14 10:49 AM

Down no later than January 1 -- we like to start the new year with a clean slate. Plus, our tree is absolutely crispy and a huge fire hazard by that time!

Weigh In: When Do You Take Down the
Christmas Tree?

1/16/14 10:28 AM

Hmmm,we often have "eggies" for "breakkies" at our house!

Why Deborah Madison Wants Everyone to Stop Using the Word Veggies
1/14/14 09:42 PM

My daughter would re-do her room every year if she could. We've decided that every time she moves up to a new school we will update her room -- for us, this has translated to an update for Kingergarten and third grade, with the next one sixth grade/start of Middle School.

5 Questions to Consider: Deciding if it's Time to Redo Your Kid's Room
1/14/14 08:32 PM

We got a lot done, including a complete clean-out of the pantry, a deep cleaning of the stove and fridge, lining our drawers, and cleaning out the open shelving. And then we made a souffle and steak for dinner.

Weekend Chores: Flowers, Kitchen Organizing & Cleaning, Make a Meal January Cure: Assignment # 7
1/13/14 12:19 PM

I have blueprints of a lake boat that my great grandfather commissioned back in 1929 -- I'm finally going to get one of the blueprints framed!

Making Your Home Your Own: Prep Artwork for Framing & Display January Cure: Assignment # 6
1/9/14 07:20 PM

Such a true post -- it's like you're a spy in my house!

12 (Okay 13) More Items You Probably Own Too Many Of
1/7/14 02:15 PM

We store our daughter's collection in a hanging mesh storage shelf/container from IKEA -- it comes in lots of different colors and has round openings that provide access to the shelves (and the heads of the animals can poke out). I'm a mean mom, though, and I hung it in her closet when I realized how little she plays with most of them -- she only has two core stuffed animals that she really spends any time with.

10 Clever Ways to Store Stuffed Animal Collections
1/6/14 02:11 PM

I definitely think it's for an ironing board. We have one that's a lot taller and have turned it into a spice/oils/vinegars cupboard.

No Place to Put the Trash Can? Use the Bottom of a Kitchen Island Cart Kitchen Inspiration
1/6/14 10:51 AM

I can't wait to get home from work and dive in! I'm thinking of getting my nine-year-old involved a bit -- she can definitely help with this first day's assignment. My husband knows this is coming -- I think he'll be on-board after a few assigments.

The First Step: Create a Project List The January Cure: Assignment #1
1/2/14 09:23 AM

I've never done a cure so I'm not sure this will help you, but I just wanted to say that I'm sorry that things are so tough for you right now and I will hope for better things for you and your family in 2014.

It's Back! Join Us & Get Organized in 2014:
The January Cure

12/27/13 10:05 AM