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3D is the thing electronics companies start talking about in down years when they aren't investing in new technology or willing to take a risk releasing higher priced product to a cash/credit strapped consumer base.

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2/13/09 11:47 AM

Zink was developed by Polaroid and the Pogo was at CES.
The print quality was terrible but the concept great. Give it time.

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Dell Wasabi: Polaroid Lovers Get Their Instant Fix
2/12/09 10:19 AM

Pretty much every place else gets the more advanced cell phones than the U.S., thanks to our proprietary service provider system and a consumer base that expects a free phone with a contract. Elsewhere, people pay for the technology and don't expect a subsidy from the phone company for the handset.

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2/12/09 10:16 AM

Bravo LAArt. Beautifully explained, thank you.

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1/21/09 11:39 AM

The delay is a matter of economics. The Consumer Electronics Association estimates the consumer recognition of the cut of date to be above 95%. It's much more that the government can't afford the subsidy...

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1/14/09 12:01 PM

Lighter and thinner means this uses less power, takes less to produce, contains less metal and plastic and overall reduces the carbon footprint.
Not that companies are making them thin for this reason, it's just the next race for distinction. Used to be bigger screens, not its thinner. Just about every company displayed a screen that's around a half inch thick. Not all are shipping them in 09, because of the economy.

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Roundup: Super-Thin HDTVs at CES 2009
1/11/09 11:19 PM

The truth is one of them would have declared bankruptcy and just gone away, leaving one weak player. Combined, they just might be able to offer a compelling alternative to Internet radio.

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3/25/08 08:41 PM

I remember going to the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago as a kid and talking to my father over the video phone. This was the early 1970s, and we believed every home would have this in just a few years.

Given the popularity of email and text messaging, I think we've actually gone the other way, toward a much less personal form of communication. Guess seeing each other isn't as desirable as the "futurists" of the past thought.

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3/25/08 08:38 PM

Um.... the stand alone, 2.0 Blu-ray players also get downloads via the Internet to update. Isn't that the point of 2.0? But since they're more expensive than PS3, it makes sense to get the Playstation, even if it's just going to be used as a player.

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3/25/08 08:34 PM

They take a long time to wash and dry. But because it's just one unit, you can put in a load in the morning, go to work and it's done when you come home. The LG model I had could be programmed to start up to 24 hours in advance, and timed to end close to when you'd return home so it the clothes wouldn't wrinkle.
It's not right for everyone, but if you don't have space for full size or stackables, I think they're a good option. Even if they require more maintenance than I would have liked.

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2/21/08 07:21 PM

Well, I did snap up the sunburst mirror they had (for $89) straight away. Literally as they were setting out the Global Bazaar merchandise in January. I wasn't the only one. There were three as part of the department and I grabbed the last one. It looks great over my fireplace.
So I figured I try to wait for the lamp.

There was a great inspiration room/office in InStyle a little over a year ago that I'm slowly working my towards. The actress had a desk like the Wenge one from Overstock, a Flokati rug, a day bed similar to the Simone at Crate & Barrel.....

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Make It Your Own: Hotel de Rome's "Home" Office
2/19/08 01:30 PM

I actually have that desk from Overstock (was going for similar look as the hotel). I love it and get great compliments. The lamp from Target is also on my wish list. It's part of their Global Bazaar, so I'm hoping it goes on sale soon as they clear out that merchandise.

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Make It Your Own: Hotel de Rome's "Home" Office
2/19/08 08:39 AM

I would love to hear from anyone else on the LG combo unit. In most cases, LG appliances get raves. From what I'm told, this one just has a lot of parts/functions. Therefore there is just more to go wrong.

I got mine in 2002. Maybe they've improved. But it wasn't cheap.. close to $1,400 at the time.

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2/15/08 01:49 PM

I used to have an LG washer/dryer combo. When it worked, it was brilliant. But it often broke and the maintenance on it was nearly constant.
Strangely though, I sort of miss it now that I have larger, more conventional stackables. The smaller size and programmable features made it easy to almost never have any dirty clothes.

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2/15/08 07:24 AM

First, are you sure you need one? If you get your TV signals from cable or satellite, they will provide you with the box to get digital signals, and any TV sold after March of last year has an integrated tuner.
Also, be appraised... the FCC is allocating two $40 coupons per household to offset the cost of a digital converter box.

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Good Questions: HDTV Tuner Recommendations
2/1/08 11:52 AM

OLED's are nice and will be the next flat panel technology. But right now there are some color shifting problems -- think burn in issues from the early plasma day. Also very short life spans of just 3-4 years. At $2,500 for an 11 inch OLED, it's just something early adopters buy to show off.

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | CES 2008: TVs
1/11/08 04:33 PM

Pick me. Pick me.

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12/19/07 08:20 AM

So perfect hanging from the pot rack in my kitchen newly painted in Benjamin Moore's Anjou Pear!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Holiday Gift Bag 2007: Win a Le Creuset 6-Piece Set in Caribbean
12/17/07 10:23 AM

These are great. Thanks!

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12/4/07 10:27 AM

I use MixIt CD stickers. There's a nice selection at the Container Store and select patterns at

There's just one drawback: some disc drives are overly sensitive (my new MacBook for one) and the label can actually cause the disc to be "unbalanced." I can only play CDs with them on an actual CD player. This also means I can't get the music from the disc to iTunes and my iPod. Sigh.

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Good Question: Good-Looking Blank CD?
12/4/07 05:26 AM