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According to my reading, masala chai is a colonial era drink, in that tea was not heavily consumed on the subcontinent until a program by the tea companies promoted adding tea to the spiced milk drink already popular.
Dairy is a big deal in much of India.
Tea, or more accurately, caffeine consumption, is a boon to industry as it allows workers to function longer hours with less rest.
Caffeinating the workers in tea processing plants upped output.
Turning all of the Indian subcontinent into tea consumers upped profits.

Remember, tea is a Chinese plant. It was exported to India to create a new income for the East India companies and later tea companies.

Recipe: Chai Creamsicles Recipes from The Kitchn
6/19/14 10:41 AM

Rookie, I still can see our carpet rake on its green handle, white fan of tines glory

Handle matched the carpet in my room. Well, parts of it.

Style Time Capsule: Decorating Advice from 1975
6/14/14 06:14 PM

The off topic post and beg for a vote means I won't even look.

Frugality pays off.
I live the life of someone close to the poverty line. I've actually been below it, from time to time.
I worked for $10 at a newspaper. As a full time, no-overtime-paid-but-plenty-of-it worked, reporter. I raised my son on that.
Now I make close to double, but I'm living like I'm still at $10/hr.

A Roadmap to Happiness: A College Student's Advice on Frugality
5/23/14 07:20 PM

There's also the solar garden movement, where people who don't own their roof have the same right of access to solar power.

Want to Green Your House? Now You Can Crowdfund Solar Panels Design News
5/21/14 01:27 PM

And, I'm stuck with BNL as an earworm. Thank goodness I like them.

One Smart Money Saving Tip: Divide & Conquer
5/21/14 01:24 PM

I've split with neighbors before. It works out ok.

I'd rather store in nooks and crannies. But I'm "hoarding" for one, with an assumption of two months until the next sale/sick of the item. Sooo...about three cases of canned goods, a large pack of toilet tissue, 5lbs flour, 2lbs sugar, 2-5 lbs oats, and if I find loose tea, I get it, no matter what I have. Love loose leaf, make my own blends.

For those with freezers, what's the additional electric load like? I've thought about one for years.

One Smart Money Saving Tip: Divide & Conquer
5/21/14 01:23 PM

I'd like to address the media aspect of renting v owning.
Things I want to access often, like favorite music, I own. I'm in process of digitizing and putting it on a hard drive and a personal cloud. (Two copies so I do have a back up)

I want instant access to the exact song or artist. I don't want randomization on created channels. If I want to hear "We Belong" by the writers, with the Spanish verse, I want to hear Lowen and Navarro. And maybe the next song will be the Clash, or John Denver. Or Colin Hay followed by Sweet Honey in the Rock, capped with Soul Farm. Pandora and similar can't do that.
(What pandora does wonderfully is background. I do pay for it in my massage business, to get ad free.)

But with film, I care much less, and am happy to browse for the evening. I go on one binge of three/four movies every other month, and watch something maybe twice a month.
The fee for Netflix is neutral. I do not think I'm saving much money, because I rarely bought or even rented movies. It did open up a lot of documentaries and concert footage, so I do like it.
But if I needed to cut corners, I'd let it go.

Books are harder for me. I do like to have "my books."
I'm happy to heavily supplement that from the library, physically or in ebook form.

Most books I own are used.
I'm looking to reduce space consumed/curate the collection.
I'm ok with digital books for many things, but I do have some I need/want to have in hand.
I'm ok with a hybrid system there.

I always gave away media when I was done. I wanted to share it, or gain space, or find it a better home.
I don't think of it in investment terms.

Heck, I'm considering car share after I move and no longer have access to the car I'm using.

Renting vs. Owning in the Digital Age
5/18/14 09:56 AM

A tree plantation is not a forest.
Old growth, mixed species, decaying matter on the ground, that's a forest.

Often forests are clear cut to make the tree plantations.
So slow growing wood is cut for faster growing wood, especially if we talk about the paper fill.

IKEA Responds: Expedit Versus Kallax Design News
5/13/14 07:34 PM

I have decided to add a sign at my door for parties and get togethers. I already have a please remove shoes. I'll add silence cell phones.

5 Ways to Deal With Dinner Party Guests Who Won't Put Down Their Phones
5/10/14 01:21 PM is fabulous.

3 Tips to Declutter Your Digital Life in 5 Minutes or Less
5/10/14 01:08 PM

Huh. I've been stomping the floor to send them scuttling for years. They can stay.
I also have bat houses and have for decades, so I am considered weird.

The House Centipede: Get Rid of Them, or Let Them Be?
5/10/14 12:48 PM

I have one small table my grandfather built for my grandmother in the 20s or 30s. That is irreplaceable and goes wherever I go. I know what size packing box it requires.
I always wind up buying a two blade window fan.

A glass, tea mug, plate, bowl, knife spoon and fork per resident, and two sets for company.
Oh, and two cloth napkins per resident.
Pot, pan. Mixing bowl.

My favorite painting. It's beautiful and sacred.

Comforter and sheets, pillow. Floor mat to sleep on.
A small heater or electric blanket.

Some music and books.

What Are the Most Indispensable Items In Your Home?
5/10/14 12:43 PM

Looks more urban than a Tiny House, more comfortable than a shared dorm room.

These Micro Apartments are the Size of Parking Spots Design News
5/5/14 02:05 PM

@Mike in Hawaii
Right on. It's a great use of that one mismatched bowl you can't get rid of.

Rethink the Stink: 5 Odor Removing Products No Home Should Be Without Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/26/14 07:54 PM

Saw this at a Green Festival last year.

No Yard? No Problem: The Best Balcony, Rooftop and Patio Gardens Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/19/14 03:08 PM

The feathers look like turkey feathers, but I'm thinking they have to be something else.
Trying to think of what always would up in my kids room. Aside from shed snakeskins.

Alexandra & Christine's East Meets West House Tour
3/14/14 08:49 PM

I just want to point out, that stupid telly show gets brought up in any shoes debate. (So not picking on you, LittleRed)
It's fantasy.
No one has ever stolen a guest's shoes in my home.

I provide slippers. I've a friend who supplies mukluks (these are knitted boots with a thin leather sole. Washable and washed after every use).
I've had sock baskets. People assume the socks are washed. (Well, yes.)

Most people are fine in their own socks or with Fritos. (Free toes, a joke my son made at age three, that lives on. He's 22)

Zero Tolerance: Do You Have a Strict \"Shoes Off\" House?
3/14/14 08:25 PM

Cakowalk has a point: payday frequency.
I'm on a seriously strict budget, so one check per month goes in checking and the remaining one to savings.
Thus I'm a fan of pairs. Two bottles of conditioner, two tubes of toothpaste.
I have gallons and half gallons of some items, and fill a smaller bottle.
If there are fewer than four rolls of tp, I'm getting another package.
My flip side is not using many disposable products. So I don't need room for six rolls of paper towels.
I do however, have the pair going on with laundry detergent.
I shop for staples and cleaning items once a month.

Store It At the Store: How to Curtail Your Urge to Stock Up Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/14/14 06:43 PM

funny how i have in in a Navajo textile piece.

A Crash Course in the Swiss Cross Pattern You're Seeing Everywhere Right Now
3/3/14 02:29 PM

On some level, I appreciate the workshop vibe applied to a kitchen. It is part workshop, part chemistry lab.
The cleaning side of my brain just envisions greasy dust, however.
In picture 5, I like the small selection at hand. I'd probably try that out in a small kitchen without decent or convenient cabinets.
I stack my two pans in my two skillets, and would not like a drawer for that, as I often need the bottom skillet.

But I'd love a magnetic knife bar.

Out Of Control Kitchen? Create A Kitchen Command Center Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/3/14 01:49 PM