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I made this with my daughter this weekend and it is so beautiful! She tinted the water the deepest purple and we put multi-colored glitter in it. She's been shaking it all weekend and commenting how it looks like "a starry night." Great project!

Keep Calm and Glitter On: Use Glitter to Settle Kids Down
Chasing The Firefly

12/5/11 04:59 PM

After TOT, I seperate the candy we'd rather our 4-year old not have (full size chocolate bars, gum, etc.) and leave the rest in her pumpkin bucket. Every morning, she chooses two pieces of candy: one goes in her lunch box and the other is for after school. On the weekends we leave it up to her when she has her two pieces, but not before breakfast and not after 7:00 when we get ready for bed. No arguments and no worries.

What Do You Do With All That Halloween Candy?
11/4/11 04:58 PM

Brilliant! I'm definately going to make a big batch this weekend and freeze some.

Waffle Iron French Toast
Cooking With My Kid

11/4/11 04:40 PM

I received a set for Christmas last year (popular gift!). My daughter uses them when she helps me bake, and it also helps her make sense of the different measurements (i.e. 1 cup is larger than 3/4 cup, etc.). Love them!

Matryoshkas Measuring Cups
10/11/11 11:16 AM

Bah, Lalaloopsy. I don't understand how a story about rag dolls coming to life equals dolls made entirely out of plastic! We gave my daughter one for Chirstmas last year and she never plays with it. Her comment: "Her head is so big she can't even sit up by herself!" PASS.

The Top 15 Must Have Toys According To Toys 'R' Us
9/21/11 03:31 PM

My daughter and I made one a few years ago using this butterfly punch. I trimmed down various scrapbook papers to size and she punched them out herself. It was a fun project to do together.

Make A Butterfly Chandelier
9/16/11 04:17 PM

I've never been successful in making a cheescake myself, but thankfully there are some good local alternatives to buy a beautiful and delicious one.

Make or Buy? Cheesecake
9/1/11 01:42 PM

I just got some of these for my daughter's school things. They're dishwasher safe and easy to use.

What's the Best Way to Label or Mark Kitchen Tools?
Good Questions

8/30/11 01:52 PM

It's not saving energy in the sense that it cuts your utility bills (though some areas do charge different rates at different times of the day). Running major appliances in "off-peak" hours reduces the overall amount of energy a power plant has to produce to keep up with demand during the day.

The best thing about our new dishwasher is the delayed start function; I set ours to run at 2:00 am.

3 Reasons To Run Your Dishwasher At Night
8/24/11 04:53 PM

I think the backlash against cupcakes is more about the $3+ cupcake that may look pretty but tastes like cardboard, and I find all the "crazy" flavors super obnoxious. Give me a home-baked vanilla cupcake any day!

5 Reasons Matt Lewis Says Cupcakes are Here to Stay
2/10/11 11:11 AM

I cannot wait to get home and try this! And the dill sounds divine. Yum!

All Afternoon or Less Than an Hour: Chicken Soup with Herb Dumplings
A recipe in two versions

1/4/11 12:51 PM

This is my favorite room; it is truly big color! I had wanted to do my daughter's big girl room in orange, but was talked out of it. Will defiantly be showing this to my husband!

Lydia & Sophia's Birdhouse Nursery
Small Kids, Big Color Entry #67

11/19/10 09:41 AM

Shop with a knowledgeable friend. I never mind helping someone out with Asian-based ingredients and I have a friend who does the same for Russian foods.

Ethnic Markets: How To Identify Unfamiliar Foods | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
7/9/10 02:44 PM

Love, love, love! I've been looking for inexpensive art for my duaghter's bathroom. I think "Bee Yourself" in peony will bee perfect!

Bee-utiful Bee Prints Packed With Positivity | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
5/20/10 04:59 PM

We went through this exact thing! My daughter loved to pop the keys off my powerbook, "write" on the screen and shove all sorts of things into the dvd slot, including $.87 in coins. We were definately "its only (really expensive) stuff, but I love my kid more" and she eventually learned to use it respectfully (i.e. no arrow keys=no video game controls).

Sh*t My Kids Ruined | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
5/20/10 04:52 PM

I would add a magnet board or other type of display system that he can access and hang his own artwork. My daughter loves to create things just so she can see it on her wall.

Necessities for a Toddler Bedroom Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
2/10/10 02:49 PM

We invested in a very nice a crib that converts from crib to toddler bed to full bed. My daughter has been sleeping in her toddler bed since 20 months and loves it. I love that she still has plenty of room to play in her small bedroom, and we don't have to buy a new mattress/bedding just yet.

And yes, we are also in Pull-ups.

To Be or Not To Be: The Toddler Bed | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
1/7/10 01:46 PM

Usually by this time of year, I have quite a few vacation days piled up so I take off Fridays and finish up more complex projects while the 2 year old is at daycare. Anything she can help with occurs on the weekends.

When Do You Work On Handmade Gifts? | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
12/10/09 09:35 AM

My daughter received the Haba Lilli doll for her first birthday (though she renamed her Hayley) and then a Baby Stella for her second birthday. She treats Lilli like a friend (shopping, tea parties, etc), whereas Baby Stella is her baby. It kind of depends on the day which one she favors.

The Search for the Perfect First Doll | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
12/3/09 05:30 PM

I used to live in an apartment with very little drawer space so I used two stainless steel canisters I received as a wedding gift. They originally came with lids and were meant to store cotton balls, q-tips, etc. The taller one holds the knives, dinner forks and spoons, while the smaller one holds teaspoons and dessert forks. They look great with our stainless steel flatware (also a wedding gift) so even though we now have a larger kitchen, they still live on the counter next to the knife block.

Kitchen Organization: Where Do You Keep Your Silverware? | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
11/9/09 05:25 PM