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Adore all of your rugs! Where around Seattle/elsewhere do you source them?

Michele and Ryan's New Beginning House Tour
8/19/13 12:55 PM

y'all beat me to the trudy's comparison. as a transplanted texan currently living away from the mothership, i would give my left ear for a stuffed avocado right now. these shall do. :)

Look! Crispy, Creamy Avocado Fries | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
7/20/10 12:20 AM

our sorority house had the greatest flat roof that we used to sneak out onto during rush when we were locked in the house. great college memories...

Apartment Therapy Boston | Secret Roof Spots?
9/17/09 09:37 PM

We just bough this chair from Target:

AHH huge link - but I was skeptical of the quality but it arrived, we assembled it (way easier than anything we've ever put together from Ikea), and it's super sturdy, the fabric is beautiful and really nice quality. Very pleased with our purchase!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Experience with Beds from Target? Good Questions
9/17/09 09:34 PM

any texans know of any neat fabric stores in the dallas area outside the normal joann/hancock's? thanks!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Fun Fabrics at The Common Thread! Austin
8/24/09 08:53 AM