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I live with my boyfriend and a roomate in a three- room apartment. We have a 7 foot couch that is actually very conducive for sleeping, and I love seeing friends from far away and talking late into the night. What I don't like is when it's time for bed and there are still people in my house

Reality Check: Do You Really Like Having Overnight Guests
7/25/11 06:55 PM

I have this one from Target, 28.99 (although I'm pretty sure we got it for 20) it's the greatest thing. I thought electric kettles were silly until my boyfriend, who grew up in the UK, insisted that we get one. Now I depend on it. We use it for tea and french press coffee, but also to quickly boil water for pasta or whatever.

Electric Kettles: Should You Buy One?
5/12/11 11:10 PM

These are pretty common in Paris, there was one in two of the four apartments I lived in. It was awesome. In both it was above the shower and the ceilings were high enough that I could take a shower with clothes hanging if I pulled it up to the highest position.
Here in New York, where these things do not come in apartments, I do the same as m_j_s with a shower rod.

Dutch Airer: A Beautiful, Space Saving Alternative to Air Drying
1/26/11 02:27 PM

A little flat champagne added to scrambled eggs makes for the greatest eggs ever.

What Can I Do With Leftover Champagne?
Good Questions

1/3/11 12:27 PM

I agree with RinEngel that you can reduce sugar quite a bit without any serious problems. I sometimes find myself adjusting other parts of the recipe to make the dough feel right, like adding less flour or more water. The key to baking is always to pay attention.

How Can I Reduce the Sugar in Baking Recipes?
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12/31/10 03:52 PM

My family always had a big dinner on Christmas eve, always totally different each year but often involving a ham or lamb and lots of cookies. Christmas morning is all about leftover cookies and pannetone. For lunch on any day after a fancy dinner, though, I like to make scrambled eggs with flat champagne beat into them. Set aside a glass of champagne the night before and it makes the greatest scrambled eggs ever.
Sidenote, I'm really loving reading about how others have melded together holidays with their partner's families. My boyfriend and I have been trying to come up with a solution for a couple years now and so far we've had no luck convincing either of our families to change the tradition.

Holiday Dinners: What's Traditional for Your Family?
12/15/10 12:22 PM

I spent a couple hours today cutting up brown paper shopping bags into sheets to use as wrapping paper. I'm especially pleased with one bag I had lying around that had red stripes. I'm also planning on using the text labels that I cut off of my bags for gift tags, if it doesn't look too silly. I love wrapping presents!

One Gift Wrapped 4 Ways
12/3/10 06:05 PM

I meant to add that you should never be ashamed to use whatever method works best for you!

Coffee At Home: Is Giving Up the Drip Machine Worth It?
12/1/10 09:50 AM

Here's my two cents: The Chemex is easier to clean than a drip machine, takes up less counter space and uses no electricity. So why is a Chemex the 'fancy' option? For the record, I am a heavy coffee drinker and in many ways a snob but I don't actually know that much about coffee. I would happily use a drip machine but I don't have the counter space so I use a french press.

Coffee At Home: Is Giving Up the Drip Machine Worth It?
12/1/10 09:46 AM

i have a ten inch pink tinsel tree. I love it, and I decorate it proudly with tiny birds every year.

Artificial Holiday Trees in Vibrant and Electrifying Colors

11/24/10 06:27 PM

I cooked two thanksgiving dinners in studio apartments with kitchens like the one you describe. I don't know about finding ingredients in Tokyo, but I do know that you can cook a mean dinner on a hot plate! I don't eat meat, so getting a Turkey together was never an issue for me, but here's a few ideas;
Potatoes for mashing can be boiled on your hot plate or cooked in the microwave. Squash can be roasted in a toaster oven the night before and then warmed up in the toaster oven. With enough advance planning bread stuffing is possible, if you can find cornmeal, but I would recommend finding a non-bread stuffing recipe like someone else mentioned. I made pumpkin cookies, baked in tiny batches in the toaster oven, instead of pie, but I bet you could make a pie in a toaster oven in the morning before you get started on your bird, or even the day before. If you are green bean casserole fan, try making braised green beans on your hotplate instead.
Have fun!

Thanksgiving Dinner for Two in a Tokyo Kitchen?
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11/18/10 03:44 PM

I agree with caiti, it's nice to see wood paneling looking good! this is the kind of house that makes me want to move to the midwest. I love that green bed, and the vanity cabinet with the shaving mirror, and those bird plates hanging on the wall. Everything is so perfect though. Great place!

Elise's Miller Beach House in the Trees
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10/26/10 11:05 AM

I really like yogurt by itself. A regular breakfast for me is a small bowl of yogurt (about a third of a cup) and some toast with peanut butter. I'm unemployed right now, but when I was working I would often eat my yogurt and toast immediately after waking up and then have a piece of fruit either to carry with me during my commute or to eat right before I walked out the door. I get the same thing of not wanting to eat sweets right away in the morning, but I also like to have fruit in the morning. This way I ate something savory right away, but I still got fruit into my morning meal.

Looking for Savory Breakfast Dishes With Yogurt
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10/21/10 11:55 PM

My parents have a stainless steel sink as well as stainless steel counters and shelves in their kitchen, barkeepers friend is the best thing to get all of them clean.

So Shiny! Removing Stains with Bar Keepers Friend
10/21/10 11:46 PM

This is lovely, what a great space to live and work! I especially like the books arranged by size to look sculptural and the graphite scribbles.

Mike's Surprising Student Studio
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10/8/10 02:33 PM

This stuff is exactly the same as Ajvar, only it's cheaper than the jars of Ajvar I usually see in specialty stores. I make sandwiches with this spread on one side and hummus spread on the other. They mix together around the filling and it's sooo good!

Trader Joe's Pantry Essential: Red Pepper Spread
10/8/10 01:24 PM

I live in New York and I have lots of used furniture. I would never pull something off the street these days, but I bought my couch off craigslist and examined it very closely before I brought it home and it's been fine (almost a year later, no bugs). Most of my used furniture comes from a thrift store where upholstered goods are steam cleaned before being sold. I feel totally safe buying things there.

Should I Be Worried About Pests When Buying a Used Sofa?
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9/29/10 01:29 PM

I totally love your yellow countertops. Also those canisters above the stove are fantastic, where did they come from?

Kitchen Tour: Annie & Paul Groove on the Retro
9/22/10 12:40 PM

I had a friend from southern colorado who made these for me once. SOO good! I've seen them a lot in the southwest.

Bizcochitos: Have You Tried One?
9/16/10 12:09 PM

tomato soup if it's just me and my boy, pasta with tomato sauce if it's last minute guests. Same ingredients, just stretched a little bit farther.

No-Brainer: What Are Your Standby Meals?
9/13/10 07:37 PM