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Nanaimo bars have a custard filling and a graham cracker base.

Recipe: Irish Shortbread Toffee Bars Recipes from The Kitchn
11/5/12 06:12 PM

Composting your food waste should keep your garbage disposal from smelling.

Smelly Garbage Disposal? Why to Avoid Grinding Up Onions
11/1/12 11:19 AM

Peas, tofu, strawberries, bananas and English muffins.

What Are Your Top 5 Freezer Essentials?
9/28/12 01:19 PM

*you can call
(Apologies for the bolding error as well. Not trying to be obnoxious)

Yes, You Can Make Milk from Quinoa Om Nom Ally
9/12/12 02:07 PM

Hi, linguist here. Over time, meanings of words change based on their everyday usage by speakers of whatever the language in question is. This concept is called semantic drift . Did you know that the English word 'lady' once referred only to women who kneaded bread? Just like we can use 'lady' to refer to any woman today, we can use 'milk' to refer to any milk-like substance/ alternative even though it may not be liquid secreted from the mammary glands of a mammal because that is what most of English-speaking society has conventionalised.

So in short, yes, you can "brown, watery drink" milk.

Yes, You Can Make Milk from Quinoa Om Nom Ally
9/12/12 02:04 PM

Can you tell us about vegan baking substitutions that are cheap, readily available and easy?

Got a Question for Reader Request Week? Tell Us What You'd Like Us To Blog About!
4/30/12 04:23 PM

The coconut lime cupcakes from Isa Chandra Moskowitz' Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World are the best cupcakes I've ever made. Cheap and easy too.

Funfetti & Beyond! 15 Birthday Cake & Cupcake Recipes Recipe Roundup
4/30/12 02:48 PM

Nothing. I ordered a vegetarian <chickpea> curry, and forgot to check the container before I went back to work. It was a chicken curry.

What Did You Eat for Lunch Today?
Brown Bag Meals

8/25/11 01:16 PM


This is my favourite slow cooker recipe. So cheap and easy.

Keep The Kitchen Cool & Clean: 5 Crock-Pot Meals
8/17/11 12:58 PM

I am awesome at using chopsticks. When I was a kid, I used them to eat everything from spaghetti to salad to grapes because it was just a lot more fun than using a fork and knife.

Cook's Confession: I Can't Use Chopsticks
8/15/11 01:32 PM

Looks good to me too! I love this site. Tonnes of easy, tasty recipes.

Hipster Food: Vegan Fare Never Looked So Good
Food Blog Spotlight

8/9/11 02:55 PM

I rarely eat breakfast, so if I do have an English muffin with Nutella in the mornings, I figure it's better than nothing. And better than eating it off a spoon later.

Chocolate For Breakfast: Inviting or Overly-Indulgent?
8/9/11 01:43 PM

Or you could use regular dishes, and not waste so much.

Smarty Had A Party: Elegant Disposable Dinnerware
Store Profile

8/8/11 02:30 PM

The Farmer's Lunch Sandwich!

Instead of onion jam I just carmelise some onions in brown sugar.

5 Awesome Ways To Eat Apples
7/19/11 04:35 PM


What Inspires You to Clean?
7/18/11 02:56 PM

My grandparents used to have this in their summer home. My grandfather installed it decades ago, and I was always afraid of falling down the stairs because of it. I'll have to let him know that he is a trendsetter...

Turn A Log Into A Hand Rail
Country Living

7/15/11 12:21 PM

I definitely get at least five servings a day if not more. I usually got enough fruit but before I was vegetarian I didn't always get the recommended servings of vegetables. Now I add vegetables to everything for texture and getting enough has been a breeze.

What One Serving of Fruits & Vegetables Looks Like

5/20/11 01:11 PM

My Russell Hobbes electric kettle is easily my most used appliance, second only to my refrigerator. I use it 4-5 times a day for tea. I don't know if it is a cultural thing but I noticed that Canadians (like myself) usually have one, and American households tend not to have one.

Electric Kettles: Should You Buy One?
5/12/11 04:37 PM

I'm a university student living alone. My schedule is all over the place which means that I've stopped the whole breakfast-lunch-supper thing. I eat when I am hungry and how much I am hungry for. This usually means that I snack until late afternoon, have a large meal then, and then have a smaller meal late in the evening.

Dinner: The Smallest Meal of the Day?
4/19/11 04:14 PM

No, I'm a vegetarian. Growing up though, I had a lot of meat-and-potatoes type meals so it has been nice to experiment with different kinds of foods. Food is a lot more exciting when you don't rely on meat isn't the focus.

Meal Planning: Is Meat the Center of Your Dinner Plate?
4/19/11 03:58 PM