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Oh yes, definitely some envy here. I'm far too disorganized to get stuff done. I have yards of cool fabric that hasn't been put to use and several pieces of vintage furniture that would look fab refinished. I also second what the person above said about budget. It would be cool to reupholster something but all the fabric I like is 40 bucks a yard! I may as well buy a brand new piece of furniture becaue the cost of supplies and the energy and skill required is enormous.

Do You Suffer from DIY Envy?

2/11/11 07:26 PM

I should specify, there are plenty of corners in our house, just none where furniture can be placed!

Look! Artwork Found in the Basement
2/11/11 12:00 PM

Very nice! I've been looking for a filing cabinet but don't want to spend 100 plus on such a small piece of furniture. This is a great idea!

The Look for Less: Going Bright on a Budget File Cabinet
2/11/11 11:58 AM

We were left a corner bookshelf, an annoying reminder that it's the only corner of the house so we can't move it. Our house was built as a boarding house on the late 1800s, because of that there are numerous door in every room. Where there aren't doors, there are huge radiators. It's literally the only corner!

We've added something for future tenants. The house was built for workers of a barbed wire factory and I found a piece of correspondence from the factory on eBay. We're going to frame it and it will hopefully stay up as a reminder of the history of the house.

Look! Artwork Found in the Basement
2/11/11 10:38 AM

I would search, the work featured there has a similar aesthetic so perhaps this artist has been featured.

Artist Of Bold & Colorful Framed Poster?
Good Questions

2/9/11 02:33 PM

I like some of these but can't spent that much on a piece of furniture that isn't very functional. I've found some cool vintage side chairs in thrift stores and garage sales for less than ten dollars.

Festive, Fun & Funky Chairs
2/9/11 10:46 AM

I'd also suggest Overstock. I purchased a 5x8 for less than 200 dollars with shipping. Mind you, they sent me the wrong one at first, but they shipped a new one immediately and I was able to ship the wrong one back for free. It's surprisingly thick and bright. However, I wouldn't suggest a bold contrast of colors if you have cats (mine is red on white) because it's obvious when they've been scratching it.

Suggestions For Inexpensive Area Rug?
Good Question

2/3/11 09:41 AM

Lovely! This reminds me- the Kirkland Museum in Denver has preserved Kirkland's studio and it's quite an interesting space. He used to suspend himself from leather straps to paint. Found some pics here:

If apartment therapy has never done an article about this fab museum, I'd suggest doing one!

Miniature Artist Studios by Joe Fig

2/2/11 11:57 AM

Adh- check out Inmod's custom pillows:

Forecast: Gray With A Chance Of Color
2/2/11 11:31 AM

Painted my bedroom walls a dark grey shade a year ago and have already tired of it, since my walls are textured it looks like a concrete prison. I will say though, the pops of color in the room (yellow and aqua) look great against the wall.

Forecast: Gray With A Chance Of Color
2/2/11 11:25 AM

I bought a sewing machine for this very reason. There are so many cute fabrics out there. I like Hawthorne fabrics online, they have a good selection. Also, various Etsy sellers carry fabrics by Butler, Dewberry, Miller, Horner, etc.

Searching for the Perfect Throw Pillows
1/31/11 06:12 PM

Question: how to temporarily cover up a hideous kitchen counter? It's some kind of faux formica that stains easily, hate it.

10 Temporary, Removable Products for Renters
Shopper's Guide

1/31/11 11:58 AM

I'm not a big supporter of Wal-Mart, but this one is quite tempting. It's pretty slick and has high reviews.

Best Sleeper Sofas & Sofa Beds 2010
1/31/11 11:41 AM

I believe Club Furniture builds their pieces in North Carolina. They have a great selection of tasteful and reasonably priced couches and chairs.

Source List: Home Goods Made in the USA
1/31/11 11:24 AM

I received a Boontje Icarus pendant for Christmas, but it's still in the box because I don't want to bug my landlord about hardwiring it. A shame really, it's a thing of beauty!

Inspiration: Hanging Light Fixtures
1/31/11 11:18 AM

They're also available on Amazon:

Affordable Find: Contemporary Bentwood Rockers
1/27/11 04:40 PM

I've been wanting one of these are a TV stand and haven't had much luck. They're the perfect size and have spaces for

Stylish Credenzas for Music Lovers

1/27/11 04:35 PM

We have books and magazines in the bathroom. We also take our kindles, ipad, ipod touch, etc. into the bathroom. Well, technically it's a water closet (just a toilet) with shelves high up on the back wall. Our shower/bath is a separate room.

Anyway, we could care less what people think. We've never gotten sick from the bathroom or items in it (is that what would happen? What exactly is the consequence? Or is it just "ICKY?") and we wash our hands.

Magazines in the Bathroom: Awesome or Icky?
1/27/11 04:32 PM

I love the pig table, but I think it'd be cheaper to just buy a pig statue/lawn ornament and glue a tray to the top. 200 bucks instead of 2000.

Animal Inspired Furnishings
1/27/11 04:17 PM

Great ideas! I recently purchased a wool rug for my living room and my cats have already damaged it. Dumbest purchase ever. I think these would be great in high traffic living spaces as well, especially for people with destructive creatures in their homes.

High Style Kitchen Mats and Rugs

1/27/11 04:11 PM