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It's nice to be able to commiserate. I am the cleaner in our household. We only got married last year, and the discoveries have been astounding. I try leaving notes and instructions, but the husband somehow can't read when it comes to chores, and even after checking if he understood spoken instructions and he confirms, he'll claim later that he didn't know what I was talking about. You really can't teach old dogs new tricks. Dirty clothes belong in the hamper, not clumps on the floor. When the dishwasher is done, put the dishes away as opposed to jamming dirty dishes into a load of clean dishes and wondering why there is no room in there for more dishes. Toothpaste belongs on the toothbrush and in your mouth, not decorating the sink and counter tops (and on your toothbrush after you've finished brushing). His most popular explanations for neglected chores--I'm tired; I have too much work to do; I don't have time... He forgets that I also have a full time job--dealing with kids and parents at a school all day. As hard as I've tried to get him to buy into cooperation, I think, if possible, the best solution is to buy help--we are adding more days to our housekeeper's schedule.


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