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Our landlord refuses to let us have pets at all and our "apartment manager" has a dog. He's lying to landlord and so far is getting away with it. Sounds like it would be way too much stress worrying about getting caught for me.

Top 10 Tips for Renting with Pets
8/5/11 06:38 PM

Company from out of town also works along the lines of the party bro-in-law comes in today, over the last week we hung 4 new light fixtures, new curtains, and put privacy film on some small, awkward windows in the living room. Feels like a whole new place! We should have company more often!

My First Apartment: Micki's California Dreamin'
8/5/11 02:34 PM

My parents bought a lakehouse when I was small and they received a guest book like this as a gift. Since it was a sort of vacation home, they would allow friends to use it when we didn't...needless to say, the book filled up with warm fuzzy messages and funny's truly a treasure, especially now that the lakehouse has been sold!

Add a Guest Book to Your Home
7/29/11 12:43 PM

I love hearing different languages being spoken. Last night I was in our back yard (our fourplex is blessed with one) and I could hear a conversation in Spanish on one side of the building and then a Russian convo on the other side of the building...that didn't happen in my old Texas neighborhood where I was born and raised. I love living somewhere that there are vast differences in people. Makes life interesting!!!

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8/25/09 06:50 PM

oooh I change my answer. I agree with Philip- just paint the wood strip! Waaaay less work and problem solved!

Apartment Therapy Boston | New White Paint Makes Tile Look Dingy, Help! Good Question#comments
8/24/09 06:47 PM

can you paint a different color than the white? I know it's a bummer, but maybe pick a really light green or blue that might make the tiles look more like a cream color than dingy ole tiles.

Apartment Therapy Boston | New White Paint Makes Tile Look Dingy, Help! Good Question
8/24/09 06:24 PM

we have upstairs neighbors who are getting out of control with their fighting. The girlfriend is especially loud and ridiculously violent when the fighting occurs. THe boyfriend actually called the police on the girlfriend twice in one night a couple of weeks ago. I have never called the police yet, nor have I ever said anything to them. The way I see it, her behavior is not changing, so eventually, they'll be out of the building. If I were to say something to them, the next time she had a crazy spell, I would feel like it was to spite me because I said something. Sadly, I blast our music to drown her out and it works for me, but probably not for other neighbors. I am too non-confrontational for my own good. But my husband and I agreed that next time, we're going to call the police. Only when it's so bad that I feel scared by her screaming and panting like an animal. It's really weird. I think she needs help pretty badly. I also hear her vomiting quite frequently in the mornings. We are about to move out of our place and upstairs next to them (rather than being beneath them)...not sure how to "sell" our apartment to the next tenants since it's sort of unfair not to tell them what they're getting themselves into...

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Would You Call The Police on a Noisy Neighbor?Good Questions
8/20/09 01:08 PM

We are painting our kitchen walls a rosy brick red color tonight and hopefully installing our new white cabinets tomorrow! I look forward to comparing pics of the finished product!

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8/14/09 07:04 PM