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This. Yes.

Valorie's Bold New Orleans Home House Tour
6/6/14 01:26 AM


Woodstock Lamps: Handcrafted Found Hardwood Lamps
Store Profile

11/24/11 12:34 PM

Above your desk there is either a Lee Bontecou piece or a weird, shall we say, "homage", to her work. I am curious about which it is. I would assume the latter, because I know if I was the owner of her work, I would be mentioning it like whoa in the post.

Joe's Curiosity Shop Shotgun Apartment
House Tour

11/23/11 06:57 PM

I love all of it. I also think it's funny that pretty much every chair has a throw.

Mark & Lisa's Rustic Northwestern Home
House Tour

6/17/11 12:36 PM

Thank god for tours of homes with overflowing amounts of personality. This is so fantastic that it's causing both arousal and pain. Good job, guys. Your hard work shows.

Al & Mark's Colorful & Eclectic Condo
House Tour

6/6/11 12:40 PM

I love this home so much I want to scream at a perfect stranger until they slap me.

Okay okay, the hunting lodge thing is overdone all across America at this point, but lovingly-collected deer parts aside, this place would be hard to duplicate. I dig places that look like the owners have personality and not a target credit card.

I am also into the clever use of what appears to be wood grain contact paper.

Alexis’ Eclectic Home & Organic Garden
House Tour

5/4/11 01:43 PM

Clearly they spent a lot of time carefully selecting items and furniture, and the organization is beautiful, but all that orange makes everything in the entire house disappear. I think like 50% of the beauty of their items has been lost to a camo effect and it's way too dark in most of the rooms. I'm all for color, but ugh.

Charles & Greg's Warmed Up Home
House Tour

4/11/11 01:57 PM

Feliway spray for the cat/sofa thing. You just spritz it on the fabric and they leave it alone. Reapply every few days. It's cheapo on amazon and totally worth it. Saved my sofa and carpeting. It's scentless and doesn't hurt the fabric.

Don't Give Up! Try These Home Rescue Remedies
Reader Intelligence Report

3/24/11 03:32 PM

Those look awesome. And very unstable for several reasons.

Belgian Ausgebrannt Wooden Stools

3/10/11 10:28 PM

Yeah, not a new trend. At all.

Trend Watch: Vintage Medical Chic?
8/11/10 04:46 PM

You can order her stuff nationwide. It ends up being about $20 a pint I think, but if it's a special occasion, it's totally worth it. I ordered some when I moved out to CA and it was the best splurge ever.

New Ice Cream Technique from Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams
8/10/10 06:42 PM

1. Indoor cats are freaked-out by the outdoors at first for a pretty simple reason. They are used to enclosed spaces, walls. They have never seen a space where there isn't an end in sight. It's like walking from a 2-d world into a 3-d one. It takes getting used to. You have to introduce them slowly.

2. Harness leash. Cat collars don't always work well for outdoor time, so they make chest harnesses. You just tie them up. Instead of wrapping your balcony in screen, just tie your furball to a chair inside or something and let him explore. They won't go anywhere, and it'll take a few days to learn how to not tangle their leash in stuff, but they get used to it.

3. Make sure you give your indoor kitty flea meds if they go out! Use one that has a heartworm medicine too, because mosquitoes carry it, and you don't want your buddy getting seriously ill just from balcony exploration.

Altering Outdoor Spaces for Indoor Cats | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
6/11/10 06:02 PM

I'm with amvolpe. Glossy black and damask paper.

If you can remove the trim, great, but ask the landlord first. Lots of places won't let you do that, and you don't want to find out the hard way when a piece cracks that you just lost part of your security deposit.

How to Deal with "Hideous" Built In Cabinet? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Chicago
6/5/10 02:02 PM

I don't generally love the idea of stripping the color out of fabric I love with bleach splatters, or pit stains on nice dresses. Wiping down your kitchen counters in a dress is one thing, but when I'm on my knees scrubbing my bathtub or cleaning the oven, whatever I'm wearing needs to be something I'm okay with ruining.

Do You Dress Up to Clean the House? | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
5/5/10 05:46 PM

Toooooo close together!

3 Small House Communities | Apartment Therapy Chicago
5/2/10 08:46 PM

Ahh, Collier West... It's a really beautiful store... buuuuut if you're not a reasonably wealthy person, the prices aren't friendly. For example, you know those jewel beetles in the clear resin/plastic/whatever cubes? Like paper weights? You can get those for about $2-$8 in any Chinatown, but CW sells them for $35. The markup is unbelievable. Literally nothing in that store is a good deal.

On the upside, it's amazing DIY inspiration, and as I understand, a lot of the stuff in there was made by just whoever had a good idea and wanted to sell it; Local artists who wanted to glue something to something else, or knew how to wire a lamp. One of the prettiest things in there is a big chandelier of white branches that someone just painted, tied together, and ran a light through (or xmas lights around, I can't remember). I talked to an employee there and he said he (or some other employee) makes a lot of what they sell, most particularly their thousand-dollar light fixtures.

Find a good antique store, one of those giant dusty places where no one knows what the gems are, stock up, and go nuts with projects.

Collier West: Chandeliers Artisan-Designed Items Store Profile | Apartment Therapy Chicago
2/28/10 10:29 PM

Fake meat is a good thing to rely on when you're transitioning, but the reality is that it's not healthy. It's sort of like Velveeta. I mean the soy products have to go through such lengths to become sausages and tofurkey.

Tempeh and some tofu (if you can find an Asian market that makes their own, it's the best) is great. It's basically simple production and thus retains the nutrients without adding garbage.

But Silk, Morning Star, all that- should be treated like junk food. Eat sparingly. Fun treats, better than Mc Donald's, but really not a great thing to have in a regular diet.

If you're worried about protein, legumes- beans, lentils, etc, have plenty. And if you aren't into those, spring $15 a month for protein powder and make good smoothies. I buy frozen fruit and yogurt, some almond milk, and protein powder, like once a month, and the smoothies turn out great. (Oster blenders are fantastic for them.)

Eating Less Meat: Is Fake Meat the Answer? | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
2/3/10 10:15 PM

I would've been really into this room if someone had cleaned it first.

The Writer's Romantic Supper by Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan for Apartment Therapy Bloomingdale's Big Window Challenge 2010, Room #2 | Apartment Therapy New York
1/25/10 02:52 PM

I've done it twice in Ohio winters, and I can't say I recommend it. Getting chilled to the bone outside, and coming into a house that's 40-45 at best, and waiting for a space heater to warm the room up, is a nightmare. Trying to cook real meals with cold hands? Getting a glass of water at night? GETTING OUT OF THE SHOWER? It's an unfriendly lifestyle. Haha.

And honestly, if you don't blast your furnace 24/7, and you weather-seal your windows and stuff, your wallet and the environment will be happy.

Could You Live Without Central Heat In The Winter? | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
1/22/10 08:45 PM

Majority vote = middle of the road, almost as a rule. I'm not surprised the winners ended up as really basic sort of agreeable rooms. They are by no means bad rooms, but nor are they outstanding, which is how they got to the finish line, you know?

Apartment Therapy Chicago | And the Winner Is... Room for Color 2009
11/3/09 12:43 AM