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Oh snap! The yellow/green eiffel chairs in the first image are from my post. Still available!

Secrets of Craigslist: Tips to Save and Earn You Money
11/30/10 06:39 PM

I have one that sits below where our projector projects on the wall.

We have skylights in our unit, that prevent us from being able to darken the room during the day - making tv/movies pretty much a no-go during daylight hours. I've very seriously been debating chopping up the Trollsta, and hacking it to house a flat screen mounted to a TV lift kit.

Vectomotion TV Lift Kit

On the flip side, my GF insists that we can't spend more money on a tv mount than than the actual tv. She may have a point...

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Flickr Finds: Trollsta Sideboard as TV Stand
4/14/09 09:30 PM

It must be something in the water! I bought a slew of new succulents from Home Depot last night to revamp my Terra Dome!

Apartment Therapy - Succulent Terrarium
11/1/07 10:20 AM

This is an ugly and horrible idea! Especially as flat screen televisions have grown to have such stylish, and attractive casings.

To me this looks like a disgruntled Ethan Allen carpenter attacked a perfectly innocent LG plasma... :]

Double Feature: Framing your flatscreen
7/24/07 01:32 PM