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Beautiful piece! Congrats!

Before & After: A Server Goes Back to Basics
Simply Chic Treasures

11/12/11 08:32 AM

Oh, please... neutrals are neutrals. Where are the colors???

Brent's "Neutral Orange" Room
11/8/11 04:50 PM

Kind of nice, yeah, but I prefer the "before" version....

Before & After: A Basic To Bright Hardware Overhaul
Natty By Design

11/8/11 04:48 PM

Jesus, you're from Belém and say that we live "in the middle of the jungle"... That's why foreing ppl think we actually live in a jungle, like "savages"--that's such a distorted view on Brazilian culture that still today feeds prejudice and violance! Oh my, Im sad... :(
Amazon is a rainforest area, not a jungle!!

Anyway, having a hammock in the living room (as well as other rooms in the home) is very common in the Northest region in Brazil :\

Outdoor Decor Indoors: Living Room Hammock
11/8/11 01:57 PM

Thou Im not vary into sunny colors such as yeloows and oranges, I favorite you because THAT is really a colorful room :) Congrats and good luck!

Laura's "Sunny Days" Living Room
10/27/11 01:07 PM

Oh my, so you were really able to destroy it...

Before & After: Nightstand Gets a Colorful Makeover
The Homeless Finch

10/27/11 01:02 PM

FINALLY, an actual colorful room! Ppl are so afraid of color this year contest...
Congrats on you beautiful green bedroom ;)

Lezlee's "Preppy Acid" Room
10/27/11 01:00 PM

I see that there's A LOT "room" for color here... :\ C'mon!

Paul's "Burnt Paulie " Room
10/27/11 12:56 PM

I love the curtains in your bedroom!

Megan's "Acid Cheer" Studio
10/27/11 12:55 PM

No, thanks :\

Sara's DIY Wall Grid Tutorial
House Bella

10/16/11 04:55 PM

Here in Brazil it's pretty much more common to rent unfurnished places. No stove, no fridge, no cupboards, ppl usually get their stuff with them into the homes. Furnished places are less common and a lot more expensive. Also, landlords rent for at least 6 months, and ususally for a year, and it's been a tendency by their part of not letting tenents stay for more than 2-half 3 years. Who lives rental in Brazil has to move a lot, and every move demands carrying all your stuff (kitchen included) form one place to another! Me for example Ive been living rental for about 10 years now and have moved 8 times!

Customs of Another Country: Fully Furnished Apartments
10/1/11 11:21 PM

Wow, I definitely dont like pink, any shadow of it, but it's stunning in this kitchen, I mean, it's stunning in a kitchen wall. There's so much fun and cozyness in this place, of course not only for the pink wall, but its combination with all the wood and metal stuff. Mixing up different materials and textures is all about me! Greta kitchen, Im in love.

Antonio Ballatore's Hot Pink Kitchen Wall
7/26/11 12:35 PM

Oh, my, and they shower in the river! Now I want to live in Venice and cuddle with all these cute little guys! ;)

The Dogs that Run Venice
7/26/11 12:13 PM

My vote for your bookshelf made of crates--simple and great!

Brandy's History and Mystery
4/30/11 03:39 PM

Guys, please forgive my spelling mistakes--Im typing from a netbook which is SOOO small... :(

Sharina's Vie en Rose
4/30/11 03:24 PM

Your place is stunning, really. But I think you could soften it up a bit replacing your dining chairs--maybe for French bistrot ones. Well, I dont know exactly, it's just the currant chairs kind of make the space a little too haevy. Oh, and I wish you had posted pic of your kitchen. Anyway, you got my vote.

Sharina's Vie en Rose
4/30/11 03:22 PM

Furniture and place ARE* great... (soory...)

Rob's Walls of Windows
4/19/11 08:36 AM

Furniture and place is great, but you should soften up the vibe with bright window treatment. Those black blinds make you place too heavy... My vote.

Rob's Walls of Windows
4/19/11 08:36 AM

My vote for your nicely and neatly arrangement, but not my cup of tea...

Joe's Own Design Decisions
4/19/11 08:33 AM

Your bedroom area's got charm :)

Sandy's Southern Exposure
4/19/11 08:24 AM