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This article should maybe not have focused on the Fintorp system, since the top picture involved Fintorp hooks on a Grundtal rail, and I see a Bygel rail in a later picture as well. I went for Grundtal in my kitchen, but really: all the Ikea wall systems are awesome.

15 Ways to Use IKEA's Fintorp System All Over The House
4/22/14 03:06 PM

When my husband and I got married 33 years ago, we had to furnish our first apartment on a small budget. The first Dutch Ikea had just opened in Sliedrecht, so we became early customers, and remained customers over the years. The Ivar that we bought then is still around, dismantled now and stored in the attic, but it's been painted several times and used in three homes, and will soon give my eldest his office shelving once he's painted it matt black. He's also taken our old dining table (bought at Ikea in 1985), an extendable rectangular pine one that is till in perfect condition, except for a dent he caused himself during a temper tantrum. :-) Our own office storage is a row of Ikea wardrobes that we bought for our bedroom in the 90's, forerunners of Pax, I think. Our Billy's have held up fine, although the shelves do sag over time. The Hemnes chests of drawers in the bedroom are also still doing well. but the early Hemnes stuff was much better made, and with better materials, than the newer Hemnes. All in all, we are satisfied Ikea customers, still, after three decades, though there is generally just one or two Ikea pieces in each room. Worst Ikea purchase? A sofa, twenty years ago. One leg screwed in slightly crooked and caused a nasty dent in our oak floor, and the navy blue faded terribly, and unevenly. We replaced it within two years.

The Ultimate IKEA Shopping List:
9 Cheap, Chic Classics

1/17/14 04:34 AM

I would REALLY appreciate it if you could directly link Etsy shops.(as you do other sources). "nancybarbero" isn't getting me anywhere, unfortunately. And I love those maps!

Oliver's \"Geek Chic\" Nursery My Room
11/7/13 01:21 PM

I seem to become fond of items in the catalogue, and think "oh, that would look great in *** room", and then when it comes time to actually decorate the *** room, the items have been discontinued. I can usually find them second-hand online, though, like the Lillesand bed frame in 160cm, and the "first edition" of the Hemnes wardrobe, the one with the assymmetrical doors and the metal rack on top (and the sturdy build that early Hemnes stuff had; it's pretty crappy now). In general, I think a lot of the Ikea products were nicer - and sometimes better quality - than they are now..

What's Your Favorite \"Vintage\" IKEA Piece?
10/29/13 10:11 AM

It's a gorgeous renovation! But...my husband and I have a tiny shared-with-siblings caravan (not very retro, not very pretty, but efficient and small enough to be towed by our compact car) and we go camping in France every spring and fall, and it gets very grubby after the first few days. A bit of rainy weather, a campground where the loos are a trek from the home-away-from-home: I sweep a bit, but hey, it's holiday and I don't want to spend it scrubbing. I wonder how long this gorgeous will stay gorgeous on the road. Also..all our cupboards lock shut. If they didn't, one bump on a country lane and the contents would be sent flying, so I wonder about pots and pans behind just a curtain.
It IS adorable, though!

Before & After: From Trailer Trash to Trailer Treasure
9/24/13 03:51 AM

The big Scrabble letters are brilliant (as is the whole room)! Where are they from?

Tyler & Lucas' Scandinavian MCM Room Kids Room Tour
8/13/13 03:02 PM

@saramango: I think it's Riomaggiore...

Money Mindfulness: Tips for Traveling on the Cheap Without Roughing It
8/9/13 03:49 PM

@saramango: I think it's Riomaggiore...

Money Mindfulness: Tips for Traveling on the Cheap Without Roughing It
8/9/13 03:49 PM

Ahem. travelfish.org. Sorry.

9 Great Travel Guidebooks (And How to Get the Most Out of Them)
7/20/13 03:27 PM

We tended towards Lonely Planet and Rough Guide for our travels, but since Southeast Asia has stolen our hearts, and since we can get online almost everywhere, travelfish.com is our travel guide of preference. It has never steered us wrong, and it has often nudged our vague plans in the right direction. :-)

9 Great Travel Guidebooks (And How to Get the Most Out of Them)
7/19/13 01:56 PM

@cobalt blue: if you quickly say KWEEN-ya-MAN stress both first and last syllables slightly), you'll be close. At least to how Breton friend always said it. :-)

How to Make Kouign Amann at Home Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
6/11/13 04:00 PM

There are so any exquisitely creative wedding photographers out there that it's rather a shame to feature images from just a few. I have always loved the magical wedding photography, for instance, of Lillian & Leonard. And the most recent wedding (Bermuda!) by Kandise Brown is simply joyous. That, to my way of thinking, is what tying-the-knot is all about. :-)

A Gallery of Creative Wedding Photo Ideas
6/10/13 01:55 PM

I always use Beth at BudgetBytes recipe, it's the easiest and tastiest one I have tried:
I add all the "optionals", use palm sugar, and am, as always, a bit more generous with the garlic. I also definitely add a bit of fish sauce.

What's the Secret to Making a Good Thai Peanut Sauce? Good Questions
5/29/13 08:58 AM

My favourite baked-cheesey-appetizer is a salsa baked goats cheese from Epicurious: just a few ingredients (goats cheese, cream cheese, pine nuts and salsa) and very decadent, and very delicious. Also, everyone loves it!

Baked Ricotta: The Best Appetizer You Haven't Met Yet
4/3/13 03:33 PM

I was in Nice for four days last week (cheap flight and a need for sun) and took the train into Italy one day. My "souvenirs"? A pound of trofie, a jar of local pesto, 600 grams of old Parmesan, some olio e aglio concoction, and a kilo of broccoli rabe. :-) The best kind of memories!

Sharing Vacation Memories With Kids Through Food
3/25/13 04:52 PM

I have the 5th (1964) edition, which my Mum gave me when I moved into my first apartment in 1972. It is in a VERY-well-used state - though it saw most of its use back then - and is well-traveled, too. I still use it, though not as much as I did years ago, and I treasure it: it is one of the few things that I have owned for such a long time....

The Joy of Cooking: Do You Have a Favorite Edition?
3/5/13 01:28 PM

The sofa in our first apartment together - plus a whole bunch of Ivar shelving, and an Ingo kitchen table - we purchased at Ikea in Sliedrecht (NL) in 1980. We still have the Ivar and the Ingo. :-)

IKEA Catalogs Through the Years Buzzfeed
3/1/13 01:53 PM

I really wish the askers-of-advice would at least have the courtesy to respond to all the suggestions made. People took TIME and made EFFORTS to share their experiences and visions. A bit of appreciation would not go amiss.

How To Lay Out Space in a Teeny Tiny Studio? Good Questions
2/28/13 01:41 PM

@Camu: Wow. That sketch and inspiration sampler are amazing! Is this your profession? :-)

How To Lay Out Space in a Teeny Tiny Studio? Good Questions
2/25/13 02:25 PM

I've been lackadaisical about this kind of thing my whole life - tsk - and I think I have a less sensitive tummy because of it. I had food poisoning twice, decades ago, from street food in Spain and Israel, but in recent years and recent travels have escaped drama. I generally feel that I can trust my nose and my palate to warn me of risks...though those may be famous last words. :-)

Help! I Accidentally Left Food Out All Night! Is It Still Good? Good Questions
2/20/13 04:09 PM