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This is a pricey solution, but since it is a house your mom could also consider replacing the top row of windows with triptych of stained glass inserts. That would admit light (you could choose a glass design as translucent or opaque as you want). But it would also maintain privacy for the top floor.

I think it would make it look much more like a planned architectural focal point, versus design overkill, and balance well with the fireplace below it.

Apartment Therapy New York | Dressing a Wall of Windows? Good Questions
8/20/09 10:04 AM

Okay, someone has to comment in defense of this. Yes, I do use this in my own home. And I'm about as pure a book-lover as they come. I'm an author for a living!

Here's why: I'm at the stage of having a significant number of books that could come in handy professionally...someday. (Signed books, coffee table books students couldn't afford but I could lend, books of literary criticism.) But at the moment I don't have a teaching office. That means all those books have to live at home with me--specifically, in my bedroom, the only locale where I have built-in shelving.

Having the spines of a bunch of academic books staring at me, visible from the bed, is depressing. I won't be accessing these books anytime soon; I won't be reading (or re-reading) them for fun. They're basically in storage.

So, I turn them spine-in, creating a much calmer texture of varying shades of white. On the rare occasion over the past year that I have needed one, it has never taken me more than 10 minutes to locate. You'd be shocked how easy it is to ID a book based on size and paperstock alone, if you know your library well.

Apartment Therapy New York | Bookshelf Display: Book Spines Turned In
8/11/09 08:48 PM