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wow I think I will have to spend hours on this house tour. It needs a fine tooth comb to get through it all. Looking forward to it.

From Junk To Funk In Donna's Handmade Home
House Tour

5/27/11 01:20 AM

beautiful. But a lot of my clothes are dark. I don't think it would have the same impact.

Clothes Beyond The Closet
5/27/11 01:17 AM

I say blue and turquoise cushions.

Lose the coffee table and get a small nest of tables to put to one end of the sofa in a light wood colour.
As the coffee table is the same tone as the sofa, it makes the sofa look really large at the moment.

Walls white or light grey.
Good luck.

How To Accessorize Ugly Brown Sectional?
Good Questions

5/6/11 02:51 AM

i love it- well done!!

Before & After: Annie's Fabric Sample Slipcover
3/24/11 10:36 PM

From granny to great!

Bri's Beautiful Before & After Home
House Tour

2/8/11 11:17 PM

big deal

Before & After: Shelving Unit Makeover

2/8/11 08:20 PM

Love love love quilts. I have them in the living room, boys room and our bedroom. They are beautiful and timeless

Old Fashioned Quilts Live in Modern Homes, Too!
12/8/10 12:41 AM

Do like the book case too.

Christina's Mostly Scandinavian Flat
House Call

11/14/10 10:43 PM


125 Square Feet! Kristen's Minimalist Studio in Seattle
House Call

11/14/10 10:25 PM

Love it esp. Derek Erdman artworks, bookshelves inc. DIY ones, Orange touches- great! Thanks for sharing

Mary and Tom's Hip & Historic Haven
House Tour

11/12/10 12:58 AM

Ditto re the dinner party, but can I be on the side without the knives?

Love a man with indoor plants

Steven Arroyo's Think Tank
House Tour

11/12/10 12:41 AM

looked at urban outfitters website and can't find deco hooks on there either :(

10 Bargain Basement Finds For Less Than $5
10/26/10 11:48 PM

Love those deco hooks! Anyone know where you can get those in Australia??

10 Bargain Basement Finds For Less Than $5
10/26/10 11:43 PM

I Love the yellow mirror tray- cool.

I am going to try this in my kids room- like hnhkt suggested.

Good for displays that change often.

How To Create a Visual Display on a Low Budget
10/26/10 11:41 PM

I don't have room for an outbox, with all my stuff...

How To Declutter Your Home
10/25/10 01:41 AM

ha ha ha

Before & After: Another Thrift Store Find Color Makeover
Young House Love

10/25/10 01:34 AM

i keep scrolling down for the floor plan- can't wait for you to put it up!! Thanks heaps for sharing great use of space, and lovely light studio

Caroline's Pint Size Retro Whimsy On A Budget
House Tour

10/24/10 11:56 PM

i have that exact oval mirror. I was thinking of painting it, but seeing it in your place makes me think to keep it original- thanks

Andi's South Park Bungalow
House Tour

10/20/10 01:41 AM

that second picture is ace! hope they have brakes on those wheels...

A Little Red Goes a Long Way
10/20/10 01:37 AM

Edinburgh has a great collection of bright doors on Georgian buildings ( in the new town) looks fab.
I am just about to paint my front door periwinkle blue...can't wait

Color Roundup: Front Door Fever
10/19/10 09:43 PM