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People are usually surprised by all the antiques, though they shouldn't be (I am a vocal antiques Roadshow enthusiast). I think that people my age (27) in New Zealand forget that there are antiques around. I have quite a few Regency and staid Victorian pieces, interspersed with piglet pillows and goat skulls!

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3/16/14 03:09 PM

I am proud to say I saw this on Pinterest a couple of months back and it works a treat. My significant other slams the door pretty often and we haven't had a single incident. I only used two hooks per lid and that works fine for me!

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2/3/14 01:49 PM

We've just moved into a new house and have been living with some not offensive but awful wallpaper. I am dying to get rid of it, but can't commit to the expense of removing the wallpaper. I will paint over it!

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1/11/14 02:42 PM