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Lovely. Where did you find the black and white striped runner?

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Inspiration: Blue and GreenAnd a Little Spring Fever
8/22/09 12:31 PM

Hi, J'nai. Thanks for your comments.

The frame molding is gold paint from Pearl Art Supply though you can probably get it from any major hardware or art supply store. It's symmetrical because I measured and drew the lines first and then used painter's blue tape to lay out the design before painting. It takes awhile but it's worth it! One thing you might want to do is experiment somewhere first with the gold paint to make sure that it doesn't bleed under the blue tape. Also, if you buy the gold leaf paint that's in the little bottles, you can pour that into a plastic container and add paint thinner to extend the amount. (Check with staff to see which thinner will work best with your particular gold leaf paint.) It does thin it and make it less "gold-leaf-like" but you can cover more space with less and it's still shiny and lovely. (And of course you can always touch it up later with a little extra gold paint here and there.)

Hope that helps!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Denenge's Magical Maison House Tour
8/14/09 07:45 AM

Thanks, everyone, for the wonderful feedback. I really appreciate your appreciation and love the fresh perspectives! (Hi, Kemi!)

Yes, the apartment really is 550 square feet and it was quite a feat to make it appear larger than that despite a reduction in space with the expanded closets. I'd be happy to email a sketch of the layout to anyone who is interested.

Thanks to Heather for her work on this and to Bobbi for her camera and to Ralphie for downloads.

I'm thrilled to be on AT Chicago House Tours! Check out my website at to see more!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Denenge's Magical Maison House Tour
8/11/09 12:50 AM