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I was thinking about this the other day as I was contemplating where to hang this:

I have a young daughter and though I love the print, I don't know how her young friends will react. Maybe it's a different issue, I don't know.

That said, I do remember going into people's houses and sometimes feeling uncomfortable by some of the art on the walls. Some of it was weird (like psychedelic black light posters) and sometimes the subjects made me uncomfortable (portraits that looked sad or scary or dark). Anyone relate?

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3/19/10 11:07 PM

I love the lining paper in number 4's drawer. Does anyone know where I can get something similar? They don't sell it in the US Conran Shop online.

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3/2/10 07:13 PM

I agree that if you can move the fridge out of that space, it would be great to have a counter next to the stove. (Don't know if it's too pricey or complicated, but an electrician could put in a plug for you) We looked for a kitchen cart that would work as counter space next to the stove but we ended up choosing an Ikea kitchen cabinet and butcher block counter top so that now we have both counter top and storage underneath. good luck!

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2/24/10 12:20 AM

Mami, you gots to sell it. Please girl.

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2/5/10 11:39 PM

I'm with kelleyk. My child would have the house stacked high with old toys, free stuff from happy meals, a million drawings of the same ladybug, her old clothes--everything--if I didn't get rid of things sometimes. And you can think about your parents either way: my mom gave away stuff all the time. I think it helped me become less attached to my stuff , but who knows, maybe it could have turned me into a hoarder. I'm grateful, however, that she did because I have friends who are still carrying around their childhood halloween costumes, all of their old homework, the bronze baby shoes, the prom dresses, etc. I'm kind of glad I don't have to think about that stuff.

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2/5/10 11:37 PM

what kind of crafty stuff?

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7/23/07 07:43 PM