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I suppose unifying the seat cushion may have been due to a matter of time or skill, but I really think separating them like in the before would have played better with the plain beige -- it just sorta 'sits' there now like one big chunk, while the back is brimming with coolness & charisma. Doesn't seem harmonious.

Before & After: Craigslist Setee Gets a Fresh New Look Home
3/4/14 03:29 PM

gorgeous! looks like that ship is on the 'ocean'! :) the only thing that's a little off-putting to me are the feet -- the gold is a bit light & creamy, and don't seem to ground the piece. If they were the same consistency as the pulls, they'd tie in better I think... but still a great job!

Before & After: A Color-Lovers' Cabinet
3/4/14 03:10 PM

well done!!! and Erin, I must say, your choice of accessories really compliment the piece -- even that shade of blue paint works well with the creaminess of it. Definitely inspired.

Before & After: Erin's Inherited Dresser
3/4/14 02:56 PM

that's exactly what I was thinking! and she did it in a very clever way. I would love to see how it looks all they around, but this representation is gorgeous.

Before & After: Erin's Inherited Dresser
3/4/14 02:53 PM

well done! 'hideous with a great silhouette" is my favorite :)))) maybe plump up the seat cushion a bit more to make it fuller & tighten up the loose spots... perfect size too!

Before & After: Jude's Virtually Free Sofa
6/26/12 05:50 PM

no comments?!?! tsk tsk tsk... such a lovely & fresh home! really love the effects of the tin ceiling tiles as art [and I must say those shoes are KILLER!]

Michelle's Traditional + Fashion Forward House Tour
6/26/12 12:13 PM

4 words: Prince Chair / Bedroom Screen :D

Angela's Posh Pad
House Tour

4/11/11 10:38 AM

wow, going thru the photos, I was thinking any minute now I'd see a grinning Ralph Lauren peeping around some cubby with a thumbs up. Overall nice-ish tho - the walls are crying out for some kind of function, since with a space like this that's pretty much all you have, but nice effort...

Ryan's Georgetown Vintage
4/11/11 10:25 AM