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i would actually debate that cooking isn't really that scientific - it has more to do with balance than true cause and effect science. compare that however, with baking, where the most successful recipes depend on the exact measurement of ingredients and how they react to one another.

and as a person who does my fair share of cooking, i agree with the others above - i prefer mine in larger jars where i am able to accommodate measuring spoons and a twist cap to ensure my spices last as long as they can.

Simple DIY Project: Test Tube Spices | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
2/4/10 04:50 PM

where is that rug from? i must know! it is a gorgeous rug!

A Portland Reno by Paul McKean Architecture | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
12/15/09 04:20 PM

where the heck is THAT RUG from?! that's in the photo above, i mean. it looks amazing, at least from what i can tell in that brief snippet of rug.


Dear Santa, Please Bring Me a Herringbone Floor | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
12/15/09 01:21 AM

and also patrick (the other one) is right - zebrawood is not black nor black/white. it's aptly named due to the appearance of the grain rather than the colors.

Black or Clear Ghost Chairs? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
12/9/09 07:58 PM

oh my gosh! i sent this question in so long ago, i already got the chairs!

i ended up going with the clear, mainly because the space the table resides in isn't exactly spacious, so i figured the clear would offer some practical use (detract from too much black) as well as add visual interest. i'm actually crazy happy with getting the clear ones - it not only makes the entire ensemble very open and visually interesting, but i just installed a black cylindrical mesh/chrome and crystal chandelier above that echos the black/clear/chrome color scheme. it looks amazing!

Black or Clear Ghost Chairs? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
12/9/09 07:54 PM

oh yeah. and not to mention the GAJILLION times this turd of a dog has eaten chocolate. and cocoa powder. and dark chocolate. and white chocolate. and milk chocolate. and chocolate bars. and into the cats' food. and into the buckets of his own food. and the trash.

seriously. i don't even know why i bother.

Your Pet's Worst Home Mischief Story? | Apartment Therapy Boston
11/12/09 08:12 PM

my turd of a dog once nearly gave me a heart attack. came home from something only to find what could only be explained as katrina part two in my kitchen:


Your Pet's Worst Home Mischief Story? | Apartment Therapy Boston
11/12/09 08:10 PM

dollar stores are actually a great place for simple white dessert sized plates and clear mugs (or any other drinkware) - i see them there in hordes all the time and typically the quality is pretty good (overstocks from brands like libbey).

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Affordable Cocktail Party Basics to Keep on Hand
11/6/09 10:56 PM

also to the original poster re: noise and light, i was able to keep out much of the light (my corner unit had huge windows and was oriented to the south) by installing continuous heavy curtain panels which did the trick. regarding noise, there wasn't much i could do since i had windows on two out of the four walls i had, and 7th is a main thoroughfare for the firehouse that's just down 7th near skid row. i constantly heard fire trucks almost every hour, even well into the night.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Challenges of Living in a Loft Space
10/20/09 04:46 PM

the very first year i moved to la i lived in the bartlett building on 7th and spring. i was lucky enough to have rented from a gentleman who had originally intended to flip it before the housing market turned south, so it was never lived in, had upgrades (pergo flooring), was on the 10th floor, had an actual bedroom and was a CORNER unit.

i loved it that first year, but i definitely understand why loft living (especially in sketch areas) is only for a subset of folks - once i left the comfort of my building, it was homeless folks, dirt, cockroaches, rats and loiterers for blocks. i didn't mind this too much as i grew up in nyc so it felt just like home to me, but i rarely had any visitors due to the habitat, not to mention the TERRIBLE parking situation near my building.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Challenges of Living in a Loft Space
10/20/09 04:44 PM

try overstock. they have a very wide selection of ceramic stools in all sorts of colors and (from what i've seen) typically run only a fraction of what these cost elsewhere at designer stores.


Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Sources for a Similar Stool?Good Questions
9/30/09 02:57 PM

editor: that's amazing that aaron tracked this down! please do thank him many times over for me, i am forever indebted.

on another note (and for everyone else's suggestions), i definitely agree that there aren't many on on the middle end of the price spectrum that have this brass or gold-leaf finish (and minimal footprint), and the ones i have found (minus the pattern) have run in the thousands - too rich for my blood.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Sources for this Bookcase or Something Similar? Good Questions
9/24/09 09:23 PM

i think those bolagret shelves are exactly the ones i'm looking for! unfortunately, also appears that they only ship within sweden...i'm at a loss when it comes to getting these exact shelves it seems.

Apartment Therapy New York | Similar Slatted Wooden Shelves? Good Questions
8/10/09 01:47 PM